Admittedly, courage acorns ARE good bait
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Almost 17 months ago (previously), MetaFilter enjoyed the tale of Biisuke, the ball who bravely saved his ball brothers after they were kidnapped by traversing a Rube Goldberg world full of enemies. Now can Biita and Biigoro return the favor? Find out in the action-packed, also-musical sequel Save Biisuke! Ball Brothers Big Adventure (SLYT).

(The video in the 'previous' post has gone away but it lives on on dailymotion.)
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Oh man! Yes! These were done for special New Year's Day versions of Pythagoras Switch for grown-up audiences, and I just happened by complete coincidence to see this year's one get rerun on yesterday morning's episode of the regular show.

OH my GOODNESS these are just SUCH a DELIGHT
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These have been a real hit with my kids and others.
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Not to spoil anybody's fun at all but those balls are all DEAD, you know.
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YES! I love these. Mini McGee even remembers watching the first one, so we've been metafiltering as a family for a while now!
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The domino thing at 2:48 seems entirely unreasonable and I feel like it's probably against the laws of physics somehow. I worry that the Rube Goldberg gods will smite them for their hubris.
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I just saw this the other day and it is so good.
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I just searched this to see if it had already been posted and I see that it has and I'm disappointed that I didn't get to posted while simultaneously pleased that MetaFilter hasn't gone this long without seeing it!
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