baby llama hums a tune hums a tune tune
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Llama llama
red pajama
feels alone
without his mama
J. Cruz, the host of The Cruz Show has been asking rappers to freestyle the words to the popular children's book Llama Llama Red Pajama (previously) "for my kids." Ludacris' version this week may be the best one yet.
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I don't know about you guys, but I hear that in my head to the tune of the llama song every time.
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This is wonderful. I love how much fun Ludacris is having.
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Ludacris came prepared. I wish Heavy D was still alive to do this. My next choice would be Zebra Katz. And it seems likely Biz Markie is all over that already.
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Gold Link's version is more adult, but has a lot of talent and effective name-dropping; they worked in both Obama and Osama.
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Ludacris has the most polished version, but DRAM kept truest to the author's intent, I think. He felt the tension and the angst in a way that, for all his polished professionalism, Ludacris wasn't able to capture.
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Pretty much everyone seemed really happy (and maybe even a little sweet) which was awesome. Gold Link has kind of a potty mouth, though.
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D.R.A.M. has a hit on his hands there; love it!!
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This is fantastic. My school district, which has a very high rate of teen pregnancy, has a program to help teenaged dads learn to read, and feel more comfortable reading kids' books, so they can read to their kids (it involves hella rocking chairs). I FEEL LIKE THIS IS RIGHT UP THAT ALLEY.

(And yes, Ludacris is the best here!)
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This was delightful. Now​ I don't feel so weird for my spoken word rendition of "Steam Train, Dream Train."
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When I saw this being shared by other white folks on Facebook I was worried it would have the tone of "see rap can be fun and nonthreatening!" but I am pleased to see it is actually delightful.
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The Ludacris version is so catchy -- my five-year-old and I watched it earlier and we've been going "Llama llama ... red pajama ..." all afternoon. We finally declared a contest to see who could go longer without busting out into Llama llama red pajama, Ludacris style. Neither of us made it five minutes.
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