Reindeer herding with NRK
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Join NRK, the Norwegian national broadcaster, live as they follow a reindeer migration across Finnmarksvidda and down to their summer pastures by the coast. The broadcast is expected to last for five to seven days as the reindeer herd travels around 100km.

The entire spectacle will be aired live on national TV in a continuous weeklong 24/7 broadcast. A Sami and a Norwegian host will guide viewers through the entire herding process.

At certain points during the broadcast, live transmission from the remote landscape called Finnmarksvidda will be impossible. Thanks to the creative application of technology, NRK will still be able to provide its TV viewers striking pictures between the lake of Iešjávri and the bay of Kvaløysund.

By using drones and a reindeer equipped with a camera, viewers will be able to take part in the journey towards the summer pastures through a reindeer's eyes.

Norway is a pioneer of slow TV, with previous offerings from NRK including the Bergensbanen train (7 hrs 16 min [previously]), the Hurtigruten ferry (134 hrs, 42 min and 45 sec - live [previously]) and National Wood Night (12 hours).
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Beklager, kan ikke spille av med Adobe Flash.

Jeg elsker reinsdyr, men jeg hater Adobe Flash.
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Bless you. There needs to be a channel that just compiles and forever rebroadcasts stuff like this (I will never forgive the demise of Lambing Live) from all over the world.
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Whew, ok, got it working. I don't know which I like more, the dramatic drone shots or the meditative stills, the beautiful music or the ambient sound. All good! Takk!
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Ah, yes, Flash. In Chrome, you may have to set an exemption via the privacy settings to allow to use flash.
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This is my life now.

(For the next 5-7 days, at least.)
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I really like the reindeer-view parts

NRK are doing a lot to save the whole concept of public media these years, if they weren't Norwegian they would deserve the Nobel Prize. Seriously.
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See also Telemarkskanalen minutt for minutt and Nordlandsbanen: minute by minute, season by season.

I hope they put up a torrent of this when it's done.
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Also I could listen to Sami folk music forever.
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Ooh, lynx tracks! Gaupespor!
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For the Flashless - paste it into VLC or your streaming player of choice.
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dette er bra, takk
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Her skal reinflokken hvile og beite gjennom natten = The reindeer herd shall rest and graze here through the night.
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Oh. Well. I've been scrolling past NRK's Tweets on this thinking I couldn't possibly have read them correctly but here we are. Yay reindeer! Am so watching this at home.
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Head 'em up! Moooove 'em out!
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The Guardian had a piece on this yesterday. Highly related: I'm hopeful that the Sleigh Ride (preview) will become an annual thing, as the BBC have shown it the last two Christmases.
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I have the stream open on my computer at all times it is really good for the soul.
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There was this discussion on the blue some time ago about bringing a baby on the Appalachian trail. These guys have a baby with them herding reindeer across the Finnmark. Today it is -7 celsius there. Baby is on a sled. Will probably grow up to be an incredibly sexy and fit Sami like the guy who just told ghost stories ;-)
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One of the herders, Aslak, made the rens stand in a heart formation with an "R" in the middle, for his wife Rávdná, this morning... <3

This is the best thing.

We should be following the event together on FanFare or something similar, there's still half of the distance to go.
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A little while ago there was an emotional interview (in Norwegian) with one of the reindeer herders, Jovsset Ánte Sara, about how the Norwegian state ordered him to reduce the size of his herd to 75. He was saying that was far too low to survive on, that the Sami people who have been doing this for generations know how to manage the numbers, and that it would be disastrous for reindeer herding culture.

He has won two court cases against the ruling but the government are now appealing to the Supreme Court.

I suspect the interview will get him support, although I have no idea the extent to which his or the state's claims are valid.
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Now, they are closing down the transmission at 10PM tomorrow night. Everyone is very disappointed, but they will send the swim to Kvaløya directly. I don't know yet if you can get notifications, will ask
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The weather is turning bad up there now. It's strange to sit here in spring sun while they are in a snow storm.
Information will be put up on the site, in English too.
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Thanks! I'm going to have to keep a close eye on it to make sure I see the swim!

Here's an article in Norwegian on why they are pausing the broadcast. Google translate does a reasonable job.
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Oh that's too bad. :( Then again, this way get my old life back.

From the article knapah linked I assume we're gonna follow this (or another) herd the next two years as well? That would be great!
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A lot of people on the chat are asking for a follow up when they migrate back, but the replies are not clear. Don't get your hopes too high
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The herd just crossed the E6 (European highway 6). I had planned to alert you all, but was down shopping and came back to full action! Additional shepherds were helping to compact the herd and it only took a few moments. I think everything will be searchable on NRK later, but obviously all the resources are on site right now.
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yeah, i just came back from a run and saw on the map that I missed it.
As long as I don't miss their swim everything's fine though!
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There is no written information on the site, but according to the map, they are really close to the water now. I don't want to leave the computer…
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Oh, it's probably the truck that is close to the water, the GPS is on the truck
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NRKs direktesending med flokkens ferd over Kvalsundet starter onsdag 3. mai kl. 10.00. Flokkens posisjon vist på kartet nedenfor er feil. Flokken befinner seg ved Jalgesvárri, noe lengre sør. Kartplottet er feil fordi GPS-enheten er festet til en av gjeternes skuter.

The crossing for the broadcast will start tomorrow morning at 10am! The GPS is showing the position of one of the snowmobiles. The herd is a bit further south.
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NRK resumes live broadcast "Reinflytting minute by minute" on Wednesday:

Watch the reindeer herd swim the Kvalsundet strait on Wednesday 3rd of May from 10.00 hours. More than 1000 reindeers will swim across the Kvalsundet strait live on NRK 1. You can also watch the broadcast at
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The map was true. I'm so excited and can't wait for tomorrow!
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They've got a live stream again showing the strait the reindeer will swim over tomorrow. We can obsess over the weather!
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mumimor, it's now going to be 8am local time!
posted by knapah at 12:52 PM on May 2, 2017

It's a little confusing - saw your comment 30 mins ago and found nothing. Has it been on? Or is this a Sami-time thing ;-)
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The broadcast is on now, but the reindeer herders are debating whether or not to let them swim. Apparently the waves, though small, could be too much for some of the reindeer. They're even considering boating them across.

The broadcast is currently just showing the sea and surrounding landscape while playing Sami music. Occasional reindeer shots too!
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Ah! I was on the wrong channel. What a disappointment. Still it has been the best TV for years
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No swimming today because of the weather. Boo!
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They said they didn't know when the reindeer would cross after today and thought it would be by barge, so they decided to show a recording of last year's swim instead. It was amazing.

I hope they put up a recorded stream of the whole broadcast later!
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