Dion! You’re banned from the skating party until you start acting right.
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Dion Waiters: The NBA Is Lucky I’m Home Doing Damn Articles: Y'all seen Casino, right? You know, the one with Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in Vegas? Anyway — that one. If you want to know what it’s like to meet Pat Riley, you need to watch that movie. [slPlayersTribune]
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Obligatory Dion Waiters Vine.

This is probably/definitely the best thing that the Players Tribune has ever published. Dion is hilarious and also an incredibly sympathetic figure.
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For that first instant seeing the headline, I thought we were talking about Celine Dion.

ProTip: That makes the article even funnier.
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I have no idea who the guy is, but man he draws you in with his writing..
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Yeah, I'd never heard of him either - maybe we're not the best audience for sports writing - but I like him.
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That was a damn fine piece of writing. I hope he keeps writing, at the very least after he's done killing it on the court.
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I've never heard of him, and I barely follow basketball, but now I want him on the Sixers!
People were saying we should tank for a pick.


Come on, man.

As long as I’m on the floor, you know what we’re not doing.
Sigh. I guess not.
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Player's Tribune pieces are generally considered to be ghostwritten, FYI.
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Yeah, the recent Kenyon Martin and Ray Allen mini-bios were great. I don't like Blake Griffin, but his piece about being drafted to the Sterling owned Clippers was pretty good.

There's definitely writers/editors involved in these, but this reads like cleaned up dictation, I don't really have a problem with that.
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And it's a shame,I was pulling for the heat at the end there. I think spo woulda got COTY if they made it.
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MetaFilter: That was a dagger.
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Yes, ghostwritten.

But yeah, I love the new, likable Dion Waiters. He still plays like a loon, but it's working for now and that Heat team really was fucken fun as shit when they were on that roll.
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Player's Tribune pieces are generally considered to be ghostwritten, FYI.

This is the first Players' Tribune piece I've read that actually did not seem to have been written by a sentient corporate Twitter account. For example, J.J. Watt's Am I Done? was clearly penned by the lead creative for US Marine Corps recruitment ads.
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Obligatory Dion Waiters Vine.

Oh god this is so funny. Especially when you consider that the team on defense is probably leaving Waiters open for a reason. They would rather let Waiters take a wide open 3 than have to deal with whatever rim assault LeBron currently has cooking up in his brain.

The fact that Waiters does not realize this or doesn't care makes it even funnier and pretty much tells you everything you need to know about him.
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Best NBA article of the year
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I love that Waiters is out there, and I'm just as happy he's not on my team. That kind of confidence, though, is amazing, and honestly, I wouldn't say he's wrong to believe that on any given night, he could be the best player on the floor. I mean, it's not often true, but sometimes, it is, and he can be pretty amazing.
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