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Cassidy the #MiracleKitten He was missing both back legs below the knee when Tiny Kittens HQ rescued him from a feral cat colony. There's no way he should have survived, but their little fighter refused to give up. TinyKittens HQ is located in Fort Langley, BC, and is operated by Shelly Roche. They trap-neuter-release (TNR) local feral cats and foster found pregnant feral moms and their kittens until they're adopted, live streaming their efforts since 2013.
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(Seriously though, you kind of buried the lede on that first video. The real story here is that shark fin!)
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Damn it, I was SURE I dusted adequately!
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that post title....lol

I used to have a little Cassidy but she had all the legs, and the teeth, and the claws...
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Corsica and her five are lovely and sweet. For people new to TinyKittens, another huge rescue miracle is Skye, a feral cat who was brought in pregnant and injured with serious eye issues requiring her to receive two different eyedrops a day. She ended up reacting well to human interaction, gave birth to four wonderful kittens who survived having to be c-sectioned out of her and after all of that she had heart problems which caused her to have to go into the hospital again and go on another set of medications so she couldn't finish nursing her babies. Despite all of this, she and her kittens went on to be adopted into three different households, the kittens in pairs and her on her own.

Webpage; Facebook Skye; Facebook Luke and Leia; Facebook Belfast and Kohler.
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Let's see if this works. A couple years ago a neighbor captured a feral mother and her brood of kittens. Due to circumstances beyond my control, we got a hissing and spitting little feral fireball. Here she is today, resting on a pile of freshly laundered clothes.
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Yesssss, Mama Skye! In addition to all her health problems (glaucoma and congestive heart failure), she cheerfully took over raising an extra 2 litters of kittens whose mothers were really stressed out by being around humans. With 11 baby cats it was a special time to say the least.
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Is your link set as private, Ber? I'm logged in to FB but I get an error page.
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Most. Eponysterical. Ever.
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I am a well-known Dog Person, and I approve of this post.
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Watching Shelly abruptly get up from cuddling the tiny kitten and rush to the vet was harrowing. Those days of watching her struggle to keep him alive, despite the Giant Doom Cloud hanging over him... Inspiring. It was exhausting and painful just watching during those long hours. Cheers to her, and to all the volunteers and veterinary pros making life better for these cats. *RIP Nano*
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Two things:

1) I've followed Cassidy's adventures from the beginning and the best thing about him is that as far as he's concerned, he's just a cat doing cat things and he doesn't even know anything is different about him. He's awesome.

2) When they named Skye's kittens, the names they gave them were all sink-themed because Skye loved sleeping in the sink. They were Belfast, Kohler (both named after makers of sink fixtures), Farrah Fawcet and Justin Timberlake. When asked why he was named Justin Timberlake, Shelly held him up to the camera and said "because he was with N'Sync." 1,000 viewers collectively lost their shit in the best possible way.
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Oh! One other thing! Cassidy was brought in with his brother, Topper. Topper apparently was an amazing brother who protected Cassidy in the wild.

Cassidy got his name because of his injury - Hopalong Cassidy. Hopalong Cassidy's horses name is Topper.

I love the Tiny Kittens community so much.
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I uploaded a screen capture of an amusing moment at TK HQ. Here are the kittens helping to clean up.
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Damn, it worked for me Johnny Wallflower but I suppose it would. Don't know how to suspend the privacy settings on it. Moved it to the blog here.

Amy, our feral kitten did run and hide, spit, etc for a solid week. We'd trap her and try to get her used to human contact but she'd freak. Then, after a week, one night she jumped up on the couch, climbed over one of my legs, spun in a circle a few times, and laid down to purr. I said to my wife, "what the hell is this?" It was like a switch flipped.

I will have to show my wife the vid of Cassidy when the room is dust-free. But even if she does get something in her eye I know she will then run and give our little Amy Feral Fowler a hug.
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