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It’s International Tabletop Day!

Enjoy Paste magazine’s suggestions of games to play today (or their list of the best games of 2017 (so far))! Suffering from analysis paralysis? Use this handy chart to pick a game! Don’t have any gamers in your immediate vicinity? No problem!
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Thanks for sharing this! The Creature family has been playing tabletop games with another family every Sunday afternoon for the past 6 months and having a blast. Here are some of the games we've played:

1. Ticket to Ride Europe Edition
2. Bohnanza / "Bean Game"
3. Forbidden Island
4. Seven Wonders
5. X-Wing Miniatures Game

Bohnanza is my personal favorite, because it's easy to learn, games go quickly, and it has just enough emphasis on trading and negotiating skills to make it fun to play with a group of four. The X-Wing Miniatures game looks kind of daunting but it's actually really easy and fun. It's turn-based space dogfighting, with movement templates! Kids love it.
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The chart link goes to Silver Oak Casino. Is that correct?
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I'll be saving the world from horrible things in Delta Green later this evening. happy International Tabletop Day!
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I'm taking a month off from tabletop. Things got a little too heated with some friends of mine bullying me in a Mansions of Madness game (I'm never going to touch that game again).... sadly, I'm not sure whether I will get play with the group again. Sigh...
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We've been playing a lot of Kodama lately — it's simple but strategic and so very cute!
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Guess I'll have to break out Betrayal at House on the Hill tonight.
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Crokinole will prevail.
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Betrayal at House on the Hill is fucking awesome.

It starts out as a standard "Haunted House" crawl. At a certain point in the game, "The Haunt" begins. At the point, the players find out:
-What manner of horror movie they've been in all this time
-Which one of the players is actually the traitor who now wins by killing everyone else.

The main game has 50 scenarios. Widows Walk adds an additional 50, plus back yard & roof tiles.

I may have said "Oh shit, we're in a Saw movie!" First time I played.
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Currently taking a break from our regular D&D game while the DM sets up what looks like a fiendishly complicated dungeon. My half-elf sorcerer is not stoked about this, but we're here to help our dwarf achieve his destiny, so there's that. Today's quotes have included the Orc accidentally saying "orf and dork" instead of "Orc and dwarf", "The game will continue when the oontzing has stopped", and "I can't find my bag of faces." I'm also periodically using Minor Illusion to make bunnies appear in the orc's field of vision when no one else is looking in that direction, and denying that I know anything about it.
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(And in case that all sounds very silly, I want to mention that the last game was 12 hours long. The Orc died [he's since gotten better] and it was all very emotional and every player, and the DM literally cried at one point or another.)
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I am at the start of my very first successful (read: not having dissolved after three sessions) tabletop game! The DM is a very clever storyteller - the game has so far had not many fights and yet the sense of impending danger has not let up once and my rogue in particular is in over her head and sinking.

I'm having the time of my life. :D
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I'm breaking out that classic 1990 alternate history board game NATO, Nukes & Nazis.
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My six year old and I played a few rounds of Dragonwood.
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We just wrapped Delta Green for the evening. The world was saved from things lurking beneath the shimmering sea, at the cost of 3/4 of the agents sent to deal with it. All in all, a resounding success :)
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Oh. neat. I accidentally celebrated this.
We played Battlestar Galactica, Burgle Bros, Coup and Elder Sign.
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I inadvertently scheduled my late birthday celebration Saturday and we played a handful of games: Crokinole, Get Bit, Sleuth, Liar's Dice and a soon to be published prototype. Great fun!
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