The Hound is Back
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After a short twenty-year breather, former WFMU DJ The Hound, featured previously on Metafilter here and here, is back.
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crude blues and R&B, moronic, obscure rock'n'roll, brain dead hillbillies on amphetamine and the like

sounds about right!
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Fuckin' A!

(The Hound and Handsome Dick Manitoba)
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Just combine this with Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White and you have everything needed for survival.
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(Maybe tehhund finally finished up their sabbatical for reading the #election2016 threads and could get back to work.)
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Great news and more people should know how great his music playlists are!
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Gee, maybe it's not too late to revive the "Wacky Wendell" radio act I retired in 1989...
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