Hello from the gutters of N.Y.C.
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Civic bankruptcy. Drugs. Sex. Sleaze. Gangs. Dance. The Son of Sam. The Blackout. Punk. Hip-hop. Disco. NY77: The Coolest Year in Hell
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See, this is exactly the kind of answer I was looking for when I asked this question over two years ago!
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I think this is the question you had in mind.
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Dammit! filthy light thief trumps me again!
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I had some of my best times in NYC in 1977. The stories I could tell.
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The stories I could tell.

And yet are not told.
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A few years ago I became urm, slightly obsessed with the music of 1977, there was so much going on, reggae, punk, hiphop, electronic music, and even the Grateful Dead (many people point to the live shows of 77 as their peak).

Anyway, I labored for longer than I should have on a "mixtape" which I will share here, no Spotify or streaming version sorry!
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At 12:00 in, I realized that Trump stole his whole political schtick from Bella Abzug
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A crucial year for me. I was 15 and transitioning from Black Sabbath and Yes to all things punk and new wave. I'll never forget the joy I felt as I sprawled out on my shag-carpeted bedroom floor, with my huge Yamaha speakers pumping out "Talking Heads: 77". My mind was beautifully blown.
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And at around 30:00, there's a guy doing a whatever that dance is... and tripping on something out of frame.
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So no one mentioned The Get Down?? ??? No one? at all??
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guys The Get Down is b a l l i n
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I love all the snippets of John Montone, currently heard on NYC area news radio station 1010 WINS. He sounds exactly the same!
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Oh yeah, and "The Get Down" is fun!
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