In the mix with Hunee: "My aim is always to maintain a certain freedom"
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Hun Choi, the artist better known as Hunee, is a daring DJ -- he's gutsy enough to play classic tunes to a crowd of heads and adventurous records to packed dance floors. "My aim is always to maintain a certain freedom," he says. "Very early on I realised there are two kinds of paths with DJing. You can really specialise in what you play, but I knew pretty quickly that's not how I work. I've always liked to explore different sounds." Enjoy 2 hours of a curated musical journey with Hunee's recent Essential Mix (BBC; Mixcloud; Global DJ).

Continuing the quote above the break, to give you an idea of what you're getting into:
"You have to stand your ground a little bit. Now when I go to gigs, I really feel free to play whatever I want. I can play dark, industrial techno for 30 minutes. Or I can play disco. Or I can play African records. And most of the time, the crowd appreciates it."
This particular mix is free of the dark techno, but boasts a tracklist that spans 5 decades. Or you can take heart in the fact that Vice's Thump sub-site listed one of Hunee's mixes among their 20 top mixes for 2016, specifically Hunee's 6 hour live mix with Antal, "Welcome To Our World part 2" (Soundcloud).

If you want to get really personal, check out Choi's interview with Skiddle from 2015, in support of his debut (and to date, only) album, Hunch Music. Hunee's discography is limited, but he makes up for it in his variety of mixes on Mixcloud and Soundcloud.
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Hunee is a brilliant, brilliant DJ and artist. Outside of his DJing and his own music, he put together this incredible compilation of Soichi Terada's music that catapulted Terada back into a regularly touring live performer a year or two ago. Terada's done everything from game soundtracks (APE ESCAPE), to jungle, but his house stuff is my favorite and I and many others wouldn't have known about it without Hunee.
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