Top dog.
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Bella is a small mutt. Hank is a large Golden Retriever. Bella figured out the best way to get to the treats is to stand on Hank. (Includes bonus blep.)
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too damn adorable. weapons grade adorable.

plus a cheesed off background pug in the the second photo looking all puggishly disappointed.
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I beg to differ. Hank is a bright bulb. He knows enough to hitch his star to Bella. Both adorable.
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he ain't heavy...
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Aaah! So cute!! If my dogs did this, I'd be dead from laughter multiple times over.

The closest I get is my vision-impaired dog, who happens to be the shortest, can allllmost walk underneath my other two. She is a tiny tank who just moves forward at a relatively steady pace. If she happens to T-bone one of the others, she'll push her way under, slightly lifting up the other dog, who generally doesn't react more than lifting the necessary legs for her clearance.
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Clearly Hank is a dog horse. "Onward, noble steed!"
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I am officially in love. 13/10 would schnuggle.
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"Onward, noble steed!"
"You're going the wrong way! The battle's BEHIND us!"
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