MBA students at Vanderbilt University
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MBA students at Vanderbilt University examine Google's business strategy. Presented in Powerpoint:, Google: E-Strategy Analysis, A Brief Look at Google and Google: A Strategy Study
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I'll wait for those to show up here so I can click on "View as HTML." Keep those eyes peeled!
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God help us...not SWOT analysis ;-) You have to love MBA students...and their models and charts for all occasions. Some of this analysis is shockingly bad, some is OK, but none is inspired. They just don't appear to really get what Google's about.
posted by RobertLoch at 8:55 PM on April 26, 2002

so, robert, what's google all about?
posted by msippey at 1:32 PM on April 27, 2002

I think it's about searching. And that's all. Which is why it makes MBA's brains hurt to look at it.

'Where's the added value?'
'Where's the corporate image?'
'Where's the internal and external customer consultation?'

To them it's like ... well, what colorforth is like to a VB programmer. It works. You can watch it working. But you haven't got the least clue how or why it works because it just doesn't fit with your present worldview.

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But why should investors spend millions and millions of dollars on searching? If that's all.
posted by rodii at 6:42 PM on April 27, 2002

ok, if google's all about searching, then you must feel that...

- they shouldn't have added posting functionality to

- (at least the collated stories on the home page) is a strategic blunder

- is a complete waste of time.

- the distributed computing experiments through the toolbar are pointless.

google isn't just about searching. and ditto rodii's comment -- there's limited potential in just "searching." if google said "we're just about searching," i'd imagine there would be several VCs asking for their investments back so they could find somewhere else to park their cash.

my $0.02.
posted by msippey at 10:29 AM on April 29, 2002

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