"Grannifer’s Legacy" was published two months ago
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For many, writing a book is a “bucket list” item — something you want to do while you’re still alive to do it. For a Dorset, England woman named Trish Vickers, that was certainly true. In 2010 or 2011, Vickers — then age 59 — decided to pick up a pen and paper and put words to page, much like other aspiring writers would. But Vickers’ story wasn’t the same as others. First, she refused to type her story — she wanted to write her book by hand. And second, she was blind; she lost her sight to diabetes a few years earlier.
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I just read about this in Now I Know. It is almost too much to believe.
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I see that the link is to Now I Know and feel sort of like an idiot. Of course an email newsletter would have a website with archived posts. Now I Know. Huh.
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Can we talk about the real mystery meat of this post?! I don't want to ruin the surprise, so please someone else comment! I've been waiting for two days now!!
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They called the police? Am I just shitting on a heartwarming story with my concern that they called the police because her pen ran out of ink? Have I missed the point? Literaryhero, over to you.
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Thanks, tinwhiskers.

So maybe I am too cynical, but this smells of Marketing with a capital M. Heartwarming story, ridiculous problem solved by Gil Grissom tons of press for a book that no one would have read otherwise. Profit? I guess she passed away, so my cynicism should be tempered, buy I feel like this whole thing is a trick.

Is it a fault with society or myself that I think everything has a sinister purpose (most often a huge corporation trying to trick me into buying something I don't need)? Ugh, I am going to lie down.
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