Ryuichi Sakamoto - async
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Ryuichi Sakamoto (previously) has released "async", his first solo album in eight years. To the NYT, Sakamoto says: “I actually thought it could be my last one. I just wanted to put down just what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear sounds of everyday objects — even musical instruments — as things.” Karl Smith at The Quietus "finds a record concerned with the varied states of human life and a sprawling piece of music less fixated on the task of world building than the more daunting prospect of penetrating the complexities of our own universe." Full Youtube playlist from Milan Records.

Individual tracks:
1. andata
2. disintegration
3. solari
5. walker
6. stakra
7. ubi
8. fullmoon
9. async
10. tri
11. Life, Life
12. honj
13. ff
14. garden
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From the NYT piece:
For now, Mr. Sakamoto finds himself busy once again. “The big dream is to make an opera to premiere in 2019, and I’m going to do two soundtracks this year,” he said, his voice growing hoarse. He then added, “I’m trying to relax, but it’s hard.”
Seems that Sakamoto has no plans to retire (in any sense) yet. Let's hope for a lot of great music to come.
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You should listen to async loud, or on good headphones. Lots of layers.
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An interview by Aaron Coltate at Resident Advisor.
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Surely many people were awaiting this.
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*breathes heavily*
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I was having a bit of a down moment, and listening to this has helped considerably. Thanks for it.
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Sakamoto's work on The Last Emperor score and his collaboration with David Sylvian on Secrets of the Beehive are two of my most treasured pieces of music. "Rain (I Want a Divorce)" . . . awwwyeah.
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There's going to be a retrospective of films that Sakamoto scored (and acted in!) at the Quad Cinema in NYC later this month: see the lineup here.
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Huh. I'm a Sakamoto fan and an Almodóvar fan and I saw High Heels when it came out and I'd entirely forgotten that he scored it.
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Thanks for the post, sapagan. Ryuichi Sakamoto holds a special place in my heart. I can't wait to listen to this later!
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Really lovely album, thank you.
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