Radicalism Begins in the Body
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Ash Wednesday, a new experimental memoir by Samuel R. Delany in the Boston Review. posted by kittensofthenight (6 comments total) 29 users marked this as a favorite

may as well add a NSFW to that
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I don't have time to read this now, I will later in the middle of the night when I get off work, but I just want to say that Delany is one of my favorite authors and thanks for posting this.
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Yep. Delany is The Truth. On another note, it seems like Junot Diaz is everywhere I look these days!
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Every few years I get to be pleasantly surprised that Delany's still alive. I hope that trend keeps going for a while!
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The infantilizing, the devaluation of experience, the stigmatizing, the economic punishment is all learned with women and applied to the others. Although the group I tend to concentrate on and have for the last thirty-five-odd years is gay men, because it is the one I belong to, I have been aware since my teens that prejudice against women is the main source of our political dilemma. Fix that, in terms of transgender women, gay women, black women, Asian women, poor women, and cisgender white women, and you go a long way toward fixing the whole machine.

I've read him saying similar things before and every time I am pleased but say hmm. because I -- even I! I who am not afraid to weigh and name and blame every gram of misogyny I find in the world, whether i find it in a man, a woman, behind the refrigerator, under the couch cushions -- hesitate to say it, although I do think it fairly frequently. I'm pretty sure it's true but I'm not entirely sure. I like how sure he is, even as I resent his sureness a little bit.

but I do not resent him, he's great.
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This struck me for some reason:
All the cars speeding in the opposite direction are grey, black, or white, with a few eccentric reds or blues. My old friend Abe, when we were young, would complain I wrote using too many colors. And yet, back then, the colors were what I loved. Now, true, they don’t seem as interesting as they did, if only because this is no longer an intensely colored land.
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