The Corpse Burner´s Son
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Born a cremator: An Indian boy's fight for an education.
The occupation of burning bodies remains an inherited one - passed from father to son. Despite performing this important Hindu ritual, the community is treated as "untouchable" by Hindus from more privileged castes.
Manikarnika Ghat - The tourism of Death.
Children of the Pyre was a film made in 2008.
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Thanks for posting this.

the 2015 indian indie movie Maasan includes the story of a Dom boy who falls in love with a higher caste girl while studying at school. its a romantic tragedy and a beautifully made film. it seems like its on Netflix if these articles and the documentary have you interested in more (fictionalized) stories.
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What an absolutely haunting story of human misery, determination, and hope. Those two brothers. I know my sister would sacrifice herself for me the same way, and it's making the room very dusty.
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This my country's shame. This social system that far more deeply locks people into place than any legally overthrowable laws on race or origin.
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