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Many Indonesian villages are following this trend and the transformation is stunning. Poor villages and slums invest a few thousand dollars to beautify their buildings and the world takes note.
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Nice that the primary colors are abstract art. Colorful house are really common across much of the developing world, but usually it's ads painted by the local beer / soda / mobile company...
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... or international media company as a publicity stunt for The Smurfs.

This is wonderful, especially the international tourism, and the effort to clean the river.
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That's not a slum.
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Hoax? Every wide shot of the village is just a cropped version of one photoshopped pic, is it not?
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The wide shots are all credited to Instagram accounts that exist and have the pics. The pic of the guy walking on the bridge is a different location than the other two bridge-based shots. I'm not saying there's no way it's a hoax, but that's not the same photo over and over.
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I wish there was a little more... reporting... going on in this article. Indonesia is a middle-income country. People and civil society have a lot of agency. It will take more than paint to fix some problems. It would have been nice to have interviewed some of the appealing and engaging people who appear in the photos.
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I would definitely not be happy if someone painted my neighborhood like that. Just because the neighborhood is poor doesn't mean rainbow paint everywhere is aesthetically pleasing.
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I'm going to be painting my house 29 shades of rainbow, and it's not a money-poor neighborhood. I think this is lovely.
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Kampung Pelangi translated is "Rainbow Village". So is that the original name of the town or is it a description or, as sometimes happens, did they change the name of the village to match the project? Old maps can be deceptive.
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I wish there was a little more... reporting... going on in this article.

welcome to boredpanda.com
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Here's a link from Lonely Planet which has a little more info. rainbow village LP
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Jakarta Post has a little more info. Its original name is Kampung Wonosari, and like the Bored Panda post mentioned, the effort was inspired by the other painted villages in Indonesia. After some digging I'm guessing it's around this area in Semarang.

(It wasn't clear in the OP, but this is a community inside the larger city of Semarang. Much like Hell's Kitchen as a part of New York City. Imagine de Blasio setting aside money to paint Hell's Kitchen to boost tourism!)
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Who made money, what difference can it make to people's lives, it's still a dilapidated area --
I DON'T CARE. These pictures made me grin, and lifted my heart, and I'm grateful I got to see it. Thanks!
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Semarang is developing in all kinds of ways that have nothing to do with kitschy rainbow painted neighborhoods. (Which will look like crap after a year or two of strong sun, high heat, rain, and humidity.) The old city still has many unreconstructed Dutch colonial buildings and these are now being restored--one into a beautiful contemporary art gallery. There is plenty of really good street art throughout the old city. There is an art college and last time I was there I saw plenty of local hipsters staging very emo photos in the evenings and some decent live music. It's a nice city that has plenty of actual culture and doesn't need my pretty pony decor splashed on it.
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it's still a dilapidated area

No it's not.
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