Automatonism: A modular synthesiser in Pure Data
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Automatonism is a modular synthesiser that runs in the open source programming language Pure Data. It features a large library of 67 modules. It is the successor to Xodular, which has been mentioned here previously
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RAD! Thanks!
posted by TheCoug at 10:33 PM on May 16, 2017

Oh no. Fuck me and my sleep.

I had to open this link while I'm noodling around with some fairly lame synthwave sounding shit after spending the last week pondering going for a very deep ambient/synth track or two because I just haven't twiddled enough knobs lately.

I mean thank you, you evil bastard.
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Well this is sure appearing at just the right time.
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At first glance, this feels a lot like BEAP in Max/MSP - both tools sharing the same stable, of course. However, it's nice to see this out as a piece of the public commons, and it will be interesting to see this potentially percolate into those places that use Pd's headless engine for sound (lots of games, for example - and having some interactive visual tools to build the composition systems for the game sound opens up a lot of potential for interesting responsive soundtracks and audio).

Also great to see Pd have some killer apps, particularly after the abandonment of Pd-extended - I had feared this was the deal knell for Pd, and then 0.47.1 with the externals installer saving all our hinies.
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Automatonism is vanilla Pd, so it can be easily adapted to run on the redoubtable MobMuPlat. I've diligently uplifted portions of the modules for use in iPad projects. The candy store of Pd resources is seemingly limitless.
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The combination of this, as a means of getting people through the slightly-too-dense surface tension of Pd to the level of folding space with comfort, and cheap, ubiquitous, good-enough hardware like the Raspberry Pi 3 (or the Organelle, if you want a one-stop shop and have a little more to spend) brings us ever closer to being able to make the claim that synthesis is the new folk music without so many eyes being rolled.

I'm glad I had decades to hone my technique and earn my way to the facility I have for making electronic sound through a long, expensive struggle with gigantic, unreliable, limited gear, but I love that pretty much anyone with the desire and a couple hundred bucks of disposable income can now have access to more concentrated synthesis opportunity than existed anywhere in the world even a couple decades ago.
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Hopefully better than Max MSP, that interface was horrifying!
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I think you mispasted.

Saving a setup appears to be problematic, or at least buried in the docs. Onward!
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Saving a setup appears to be problematic

Yeah, it took me a while to work out that you just save your setup using the File ->Save menu.
The tempting save button you can click on is for values/parameters.
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When I reopened my File > Save file, none of the Automatonism stuff appeared, just regular PD "hot/cold" objects.
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Oh that's weird - it works for me (linux) as long as I save it in the same Automatonism folder as the original.
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Ah, saving to the AUTOMATONISM-1.1 directory was the key. Which bothers me, but whatev.
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Yeah, I guess you need to make a new AUTOMATIONISM-1.1 folder for each setup?
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you can save to a new filename within that directory if you want multiple setups
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