Hammock or safety net?
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Miniature goat vs. a hammock [ambient sounds]. Four minutes of adorable. Bonus: Baby donkey swinging in a hammock [loud non-English cooing]
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That baby donkey is adorable. Little tail wagz!

(Better with the sound muted, though, to better focus on said adorableness.)
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That is one happy donkey. Floofy belly!

Quite a nice hammock too.
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Both of these animals are straight up tripping.
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Very cute!

How about a Goldie in a hammock, getting a cuddle. (Not the original video and goes into an add after 10 secs, but worth still...)
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Chicken @ 1:15: This is a recipe for disaster! I'll play no part in your shenanigans.
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I feel sorry for that goat as its owner basically taunts it.
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Boston Dynamics gets scarier every day.
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Somehow, I just knew the baby donkey in a hammock was going to be in Brazil. I was not disappointed.
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Really surprised the goat didn't start nibbling on the hammock.
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Why just yesterday my dog decided he fancied a lie down in the hammock, and got a lot more than he bargained for when he discovered for the first time that it's not so stable when there isn't already a human in it. He shot out of it like it was made of lava, which was a bit alarming given that it's on a metre-wide balcony six floors up.

Thankfully he survived and was able to protect me from the life-size stone panda he unexpectedly encountered in a park this morning, which just wouldn't take the hint, no matter how much he barked at it.

To bring it full circle, it's not the first time he's objected to a statue: once he gave a plaster goat an almighty telling-off because its backside did not emanate the expected odour when he shoved his nose up it.

Never a dull moment with a Jack Russell.
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The baby goat next door decided it wanted to ride the donkey guarding it. The donkey seemed to not have noticed. We were on the ground, rolling with laughter.
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Pygmy goats are the best. A friend had a small herd, all of which she'd named. She'd go out to the field where they were grazing and call each by name, and each would lift their head and respond to her with a bleat before going back to grazing. Often they'd come bounding up for a scritch. They were like dogs. Only their awful smell deterred me from getting one or two, otherwise they were delightful.
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I have today, upon receipt of final hardware, installed a hammock in my bedroom. A cheap mock-Brazilian hammock. Not nearly as nice as the one in the video. I wasn't ready to invest in the real thing until I could try one out.

Now I understand why the baby donkey was so happy.
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