The conceptual penis as a social construct
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A new, Sokal-inspired hoax A philosophy professor and science writer published an article (archived) in a peer-reviewed journal with the aim of mocking contemporary gender studies.

The authors made up references and citations, sometimes using the Pomo Generator. They published under pseudonyms and a fake organization, and say they didn't do much research.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: flamebaity "gender studies suck, amirite" prank designed to needle feminists and (they hope) cause a big internet kerfuffle? eh, let's not. -- taz

Two very very smart skepbros pay money to get nonsense published in a bottom feeder open access journal. Feminism is over.
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>The pay-to-publish mechanism should not affect the quality control standards of the peer-review process


So they wrote something nonsensical, paid to have it published, and are now trying to make a point about how you can get any nonsense published? I think the better laugh is being had by the folks at the journal who are having pizza on the authors' dimes.
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