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YouTube art channels - Since people always ask me where to find neat art tutorials, here's a comprehensive list of YouTube channels that teach art in one way or another.
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Great googly moogly! Nice find.

And hey, James Gurney does youtube art tutorials? Nice. I was never a Dinotopia kid for whatever reason but was always dimly aware of it, but a book he wrote on understanding some basics of color and light in painting was the first approachable, non-fusty thing I pulled out from the library last year when I started looking for info.
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James Gurney! I see him pop up on instagram on the reg because he does #urbansketch watercolors!
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Thank you so much for sharing this!!
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My favorite youtube artist that I stumbled upon lately is Jay Lee. Painting with baby!
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I didn't see the Golden Paint Company's videos listed. They are extremely useful from a materials / technical point of view.
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Thanks for this!
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The ArtProf channel occupied a huge chunk of my day and prompted the purchase of more art supplies, which I need like a hole in the head, but can't live without.

Thanks, Metafilter.
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Some they don't have that I follow: MaryDoodles, mitsib, doodledate, Pic Candle, Watercolor Misfit, YellowMelle, Roben-Marie Smith - Art, Mindy Lacefield, Jellie Bee, Art ala Carte, Mr. Otter Art Studio, DrawingWiffWaffles, Sakuems, Fran Meneses, Hullo Alice, Myste Mystele , Garbi KW, Alphonso Dunn, Wyanne Thompson, The Mind of Watercolor, Raeart, Love Teacup Kisses, nikinapalm, Juicy Ink, Christomer Hart, Coco Bee Art, Iraville, Tillith, Hannah Paints, MontMartArt, Leilani Joy, Caolyn Dube, Peter Draws, Joy San, and Ayra Bañez.

Sorry. I'm at work and can't sit and link everyone. Some are tutorials. Some are watch me as I paint or draw. They're all pretty awesome.
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Wow, thanks!
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Christomer Hart = Christopher Hart. Sorry.
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