Shell game
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It's a bit of.... ga.. Nuts!!!!!

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Squirrels be getting serious now
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This is really fascinating stuff.

A number of experts told me that selling hijacked food is easy. Stolen nuts often move through unscrupulous food brokers and end up in independent grocery stores or bakeries. When I asked an executive at the shipping-security company CargoNet what sort of person buys stolen food, he laughed. “You do!” he said.

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As a smaller-scale nut thief who eats the nuts out of trail mix and leaves the m&ms, I smiled so much reading through this. Nuts!
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Well, that is just...crazy!
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I think that we know the superheroine that they need.
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That's actually pretty insane because there aren't that many roads in the Central Valley and I have no idea how these tuckers are getting away with this once they notice the paperwork is off. It' can't be that hard to find them.

Although the foreman that released the load to a driver who showed up before the request was made is kind of hmmmmmm.....
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One thing I noticed was that brokered loads seemed to play a large role. It's entirely possible not to use brokers, and just use carriers who employ their own drivers. It's pretty common with shippers who have freight that's easily damaged, for example.
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