The thrilling dinosaurs of Holbrook, Arizona
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Millions of years ago, dinosaurs were common across the flatlands that now encompass this city [Holbrook, AZ]. But they disappeared. A couple decades ago, several small-scale dinosaurs appeared along Interstate 40 near this city. But they also vanished. Well, not all of them. You can still find about a dozen (Google street view) home-made "cemetosaurs" in front of Rainbow Rock Shop, but these aren't the only dinos in Holbrook. There's the lonely bronze dinosaur, a would-be shower, in an adjacent park, and some more ... active ... dinosaur figures (Google maps) up the road at Stewart's Petrified Wood (previously).
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Oh, Stewart's. What a creepy, animatronic-dinosaur-free place.
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"Well, I'm standin' on the corner in Holbrook, Arizona, such a fine sight to see. It's so big, my Lord, a cementosaur, bendin' down to take a look at me..."
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