Flex is best.
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How To Make A Flexi Fountain Pen (Using A Cheap Jinhao) [YouTube, 10:11] Easy, cheap way for fountain pen enthusiasts to find out if they enjoy the flex nib writing experience; minor tinkering required.
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[I have some of the recommended nibs, turns out I'm not into flex nibs, so if someone wants 'em, I'll gladly mail them to you if you're in the continental U.S..]
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It wasn’t until partway through the video that i realized he was writing naturally, with the correct hand because from that point of view he is writing naturally, with the correct hand.
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I'm intrigued... Just ordered the pen and nibs! Can wait to tinker with it! Thanks!
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I have done this successfully with my Jinhao x750, though at the moment I have a Nemosine 0.8 mm nib installed because I've been all about the stubs lately.

The Zebra G is a fun nib, though you have to replace them regularly. I end up missing tipping too much, so when I want flexible writing I go for a Noodler's Ahab modified with the ease-my-flex mod.

The Pilot FA nib's not so bad for modern flex, though more costly than the above, and the feed doesn't really keep up with the ink flow so it's prone to railroading.
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"That'll be bad. Very bad."
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I've been thinking about flexing lately. But no matter the pens I play with, I keep coming back to my lamy safari and pilot metro. Wish there was a nice flexer for the safari.
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Do any of you realise the living hell that is the existence of someone that loves pens, but has handwriting so fucking chicken scratch it makes people question whether you are actually writing in English?

Didn't think any of you smug bastards with your perfect architect lettering cared, and to make it worse I'm ageing and handwriting starts getting worse.
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I love pens and I have chicken scratch writing but the pens make me happy so I care not. Join me in my indifference to a lifetime as a C writing student, Keith!
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This looks really cool! Thanks for posting it!
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Back in the day you'd take a pen knife and a turkey feather and just make a fountain pen, like, on the fly, when you needed a new one. That one wore out? Well, you just quickly whittle another. Seemed like it worked well enough.

I used a ball nib flowing ink pen, modern with plastic ink cartridges that screwed in, for the year I lived in Germany. After I got back from there, it's been mostly not those. They were so ubiquitous there, while different technology is ubiquitous here.
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I have always wanted to get a flex nib, but not a fine-pointed one. My handwriting is a kind of bastardized italic hand rather than loopy cursive, so a fine pointed nib doesn't do much for me. I normally get my line variation using stubs, cursive italics, architect points and the like. Am always on the lookout for a vintage flex stub, though.
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Dan Berry's also done interesting things with a modified Jinhao.
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How is nobody talking about how relaxing this guy's voice is. All ASMR and...ZZZzzzzz
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