Time for a change of business strategy focus?
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Time for a change of business strategy focus? Nokia and VolksWagen are the examples given,
'the heart of productivity growth is what happens inside the firm, and firms are first and foremost organisations of human beings'
positive role models to lead us from downturn alley?
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I for one wouldn't be upset to see the American corporations gain a bit of a clue regarding long-term sustainability. It makes no sense whatsoever that CEO salaries continue to skyrocket as their companies flounder and sink in a sea of red.
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I think the UK is learning from Europe. It is a slow process and industry is still dogged with get-rich-quick cowboys in directorial positions, but it is getting better.

I undertook a study on company mergers last year for a management diploma, and the destruction at a personnel level is incredible, let alone financial. Unfortunately it is perfect for the aspiring manager to make his mark and expand his 'empire'.
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