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Mandy Harvey, who lost her hearing at 18, performs on America's Got Talent, and proceeds to the next round.
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Wow. That was just absolutely incredible.
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Fucking wow.
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That was ethereal.
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Very tired after a long week so far and I'm not watching this again for fear that I'll cry over it a third time this week.
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"We were in the car driving home and she said, 'Dad, I can't remember what your voice sounds like anymore.'"

Oh my.

That was incredible. She was amazing, and has a beautiful voice.
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Miss Harvey gave an hour long concert at the Kennedy Center in 2013 in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
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I was weeping in my office this morning over this video. So beautiful.
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It was nice that Howie Mandell used ASL applause.
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She didn't proceed to the next round -- she is going straight to the live shows. That's what the Golden Buzzer means.

I was so happy to see Mandel using sign applause as well. ASL should be offered as a language elective starting in grade school.

(I sang professional opera for five years, and I can't imagine the nerve it must take to trust in muscle memory alone to sing Do-Re-Mi, let alone something like that piece.)
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That was really good... I want to give her a massive hug. She'd be a fantastic singer even for someone with all their aural faculties, let alone what she has to deal with.
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For some reason this struck me as something like when the fourth dimension is explained in terms of our usual three. It's as though through special focus she has mastered a domain that is beyond her - in a kind of more profound proof of its existence.
The amount of trust that must go into perfecting a reconstruction of a whole dimension of expression, for the love of it, for the benefit of fundamentally others, and yet manifestly also for a new personal wholeness - wow. (The very attuned ASL that she accompanies her singing with in the linked concert adds a further plane of charm.)
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It was nice that Howie Mandell used ASL applause.

I was impressed by the members of the audience who picked up on that and followed his lead towards the end of the clip.
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I just love stuff like this.
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This is remarkable on several levels. First, of course, is the technical act of singing. I've sung all my life, and I can't begin to fathom doing it with no aural cues.

Secondly, her speech is flawless and clear.

Finally, the song itself is BRILLIANT. Super impressive. I also love how singer/songwriters are getting a fairer shake over the last two seasons than ever before.
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