One-Liners With Tourette's
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Reminds me of a happier Mitch Hedberg. I like it.
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"I'm my own heckler" is a great line.
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I must admit, I can't help but be suspicious that he was using the Tourette's angle a little heavily, especially after reading up some recent articles about how it manifests like that in only 10% of cases (and other Tourette's news). He would move away from his mic before a tic yet the "shit" and "motherfucker" were just as loud as his voice otherwise. I'm just surprised that 40+ years after George Carlin's "7 Words" monologue, it would take this long for a "Tourette's Comic" to emerge.

Still, he has better material, in the random-oneliner mode of Hedberg, than a lot of other Hedberg wannabes, especially in the first half of the routine. And yes, "I'm my own heckler" is an ingenious way of using it to his own advantage, and genuinely funny.

And yes, I'm overthinking a plate of SHIT...
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"Before two people play Smash Brothers, it's a custom that they must turn to each other, bow and each say, 'Just so you know... I haven't played in a while.'"
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"Fuck!....the police."

That was clever. I liked it a lot.
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"I think when two people with hyphenated last names get married, they should use the FOIL method."

I love the crowd's reaction to this joke.
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Thank you for sharing this. I liked it too.

You might also wish to "meet" Jess Thom, Tourettes Hero. Long and funny: appearance on RHLSTP; shorter with the info, but not all the funny: 2016 interview.
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@oneswellfoop fwiw, he appears to be wearing a lapel mic in addition to the handheld.
posted by booooooze at 5:24 PM on June 9

I laughed a lot. Nice post.

I can't help but be suspicious that he was using the Tourette's angle a little heavily...

Sure you can. Try harder. Accept what people tell you about themselves is true, instead of assuming they are lying about a disability.
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Nthing the lapel mic. The handheld mic seems to be a prop.

I liked this. Two thumbs up, thanks for posting.
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