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After every season of play, the players of online trivia site Learned League vote on various awards: best rookie, Best defensive performance, and Best Wrong Answer (mouseover for answers)

LL 55: A common English idiom, synonymous with passing a point of no return, references what northeastern Italian river?

LL56: Georgia-born Alexander Stephens, who served in the U.S. House of Representatives and briefly as his state's Governor, is best known to history for serving in what other position?

LL 57: While most moth species are nocturnal, some are crepuscular, meaning they are active when?

LL 58: The domicile pictured here inspired Nathaniel Hawthorne to write what 1851 Gothic novel, about the Pyncheon family and the curse that was visited upon it in its opulent New England estate.

LL 59: What was the most notable physical distinction shared by the bluesmen Arthur Blake, Lemon Jefferson, Willie Johnson, Willie McTell, Joe Reynolds, and Reverend Gary Davis?

LL 60:Apart from the first Pomp and Circumstance March, the best-known work of English composer Edward Elgar is likely a set of fourteen variations which are formally titled Variations on an Original Theme for Orchestra, but are better known as what?

LL 61:A complex triangular relationship between the title characters and a nouvelle and mercurial woman named Catherine structures the plot of what classic French New Wave film?

LL 62:In the People's Republic of China, the yuan is the basic unit of the official currency, which is known by what name (meaning literally "people's currency")?

LL 63:The gesture from American Sign Language demonstrated here is most commonly used to express what statement? Click here

LL 64:As referenced in its title, a bestselling allegorical business book by Dr. Spencer Johnson, published in 1998, specifically addresses the moving of what?

LL 65: On a list of the largest countries in Africa by area, ranked from biggest to smallest, Algeria moved from second to first in July, 2011. What historical event caused this promotion?

LL 66:In a current chart-topping single from Jamaica-born artist OMI, the singer does not really feel like cheating because he thinks that he's found himself a what?

LL 67: In its original form, the essential ingredients of this dish, derived from the culinary traditions of Arabs who occupied much of Spain from the 8th to 13th centuries, included bread, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, salt, and water. "New World" ingredients that are now common, like tomato, were incorporated later. What is this dish, usually served in liquid form and typically cold?

LL 68: What is the term in the sport of cricket for the segment of time that a team or an individual batsman has a turn batting at the wicket?

LL 69: The English Premier League, Spanish Primera División (La Liga), the French Ligue 1, Italian Serie A, and Dutch Eredivisie: What is the German entity that corresponds to the items in this list?

LL 70: A picture of what appears, appropriately, on the label for HP Sauce, England's favorite brown sauce?

LL 71:Ismail and James are the first names of what iconic and distinctive filmmaking duo, whose names have come to represent a certain style of film beyond those they themselves produced that are similar in manner and gentility?

LL 72: A pagan community's alleged abduction of a young girl on a surreal and remote Scottish island, and its investigation by a devout (and, as it turns out, virgin) police sergeant, propel the plot of what 1973 British horror film, widely considered a classic of the genre?
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Tears. Thank you.

It was "MAMBOS #1-4, 6-15" which pushed me over the edge
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Love it—plan to share it with about everyone I see in the near future. Unfortunately, I'm already fairly certain that when I try to repeat the questions, I will mangle them so badly that even if I remember the answer, it won't make any sense.
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Providing trivia questions without the right answers is needlessly cruel.
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I'm already fairly certain that when I try to repeat the questions, I will mangle them so badly that even if I remember the answer, it won't make any sense.

LL's questions are worded defensively as hell because of the kinds of people who play it. As long as you get the gist of the question the jokes work great.
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Q. A musical march known as a screamer, such as those written by famous screamer composer Karl L. King, is most closely associated with what type of event?

A. Coitus
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These are SO GREAT, thank you! I'm sitting blearily on the sofa waiting for the morning's caffeine to kick in, and I think reading these out loud to my partner has woken me up far more than the chemicals so far.
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Partner has gone back to bed. I think I'm now keeping him up with my obnoxious laughter from the living room. Oh well!
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Is there any way to "mouseover" on an iPhone?
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"Abe Lincoln but wearing a Whig" is probably the best thing I will read all month.
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This may be the tipping point to get me to sign up again. Although the fact that I can't come up with the HP sauce one when I know there's a bottle in my cabinet brings back a glimmer of all the old frustrations.

Actually, wait...It's Westminster, innit? Dammit. Off to the cabinet...
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I didn't even know Hewlett-Packard made condiments... can that be used to refill my toner cartridges?
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> Is there any way to "mouseover" on an iPhone?

No. But clicking on the links gives you five Best Wrong Answers where the hover only gives you one, so you should click through anyway.
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So, is anyone out here part of the league? Any referrals to join? :)
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I'm on Metafilter! One of those is mine. Only thing I've ever won in the league.
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Every LL match day, I have to decide whether I want to give a correct answer or a humorous one. To avoid having to decide, I give answers that are neither correct nor humorous.

Cydonian - we're in the middle of a season now, but MeMail and I can refer you for the next one. There's a MetaTalk thread from a month or two ago about LL where you can see who else is a member.
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Learned League is a blast. An ego-levelling good time. Memail me if you want an invite when the new season gets rolling.
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Nala is grumpy this morning for not getting recognition for his answer to this question from yesterday:

Q: What was the name of the supergroup formed by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure in 1984 to record the now-ubiquitous holiday song "Do They Know It's Christmas?"

A: The Backstreet Goys

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I got a best wrong answer once and it remains the highlight of my LL career.

Best part of the season is reading through all these!
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Although the fact that I can't come up with the HP sauce one when I know there's a bottle in my cabinet brings back a glimmer of all the old frustrations

It's Harry Potter, the initials are right there, but you'd be surprised how many people don't make the connection.
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So, is anyone out here part of the league? Any referrals to join? :)

I have referrals - MeMail me so that my branch might grow!
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For a bit of Learned League eating itself, take a look at the first question here:

"LIFESTYLE - What Briton's oddly and awkwardly menacing visage was cropped from this photograph?"
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Referral MeTa #1
Referral MeTa #2

We have a week or so left in the season right now, so referrals aren't open yet. But if you MeMail the people in those threads or this one, who offered referrals, you can probably get one for next time. I think the next season starts in August.

My Rundle A experience this season can best be summed up in this famous reaction by Bill Paxton. The results mostly come at night. Mostly.
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I also have a referral to give away!
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From 1787 until 1800, the area covered by the present-day U.S. states of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin, as well as a part of Minnesota, together formed an organized political division of the U.S. with what name?
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Ditto on the referral offers -- hmu!
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I have referrals too.

Also, we're running a MeFi Private Rundle this season and likely will next season too, so let me know if you want in on that.
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I also have a referral to give.
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LL folks with referrals: I like the idea of this, but I worry that I'm not bright enough to really contribute much to a team. How competitive are these things? Is it something that someone can participate in casually without worrying too much about their impact on the team?
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It's an individual contest, so there's no need at all to worry about letting a team down; the only concern is forfeiting, since that messes up standings. So you should feel free to play and guess away.

The "Rundles" are subdivisions according to win/loss record, sort of like weight classes; they're not teams.
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There's no team. You're competing by yourself. There are five levels (A-E) you get sorted into after your rookie season, so you're only taking on people around your own ability (until you punch above your weight for one season and get promoted, then get your ass kicked back down immediately NOT THAT I'M BITTER).
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Could be worse. You could get promoted, get your ass kicked on the regular, but get lucky enough times to stay up so that you can keep getting your ass kicked season after season.
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If anyone has a referral, I would be interested in joining.
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LL63: The English village of Silverstone, in the East Midlands county of Northamptonshire, is the location of Great Britain's premier event in what sport?

posted by some loser at 7:46 PM on June 12, 2017

Please to refer me, someone? Would be very grateful.
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So, are any of you other LLamas just a teensy bit disturbed by the difference in the league-wide get-rates on "Covfefe" (85%) vs "Emolument" (62%)?

I dunno, maybe I'm just testy because I wasted yesterday's zero on "emolument," and my opponent missed it, despite having a correct answer percentage of 0.778 in current events. (But then, out of nowhere, the guy's a big chess expert or something, grumble, grumble, snrt.)

(JK: I actually, no sarcasm, love and treasure every single moment of Learned League, even on days when I lose a match solely on the basis of defense. So if you happen to be here, friend-opponent from Tidewater B, please know that all covfefe aside, I celebrate and salute you.)
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So, are any of you other LLamas just a teensy bit disturbed by the difference in the league-wide get-rates on "Covfefe" (85%) vs "Emolument" (62%)?

There's at least a few people on the boards bemoaning that they misspelled "emolument", most of them saying they didn't realize they'd misspelled it until after they locked in, so that might be a factor.

Also, "coverage" was accepted for "covfefe", lifting that get rate a bit, probably.
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Does anyone know if there's a movement to make LL more playable on mobile phones? Or for there to be a legit app? Googling shows me nothing current. Having to do this on my desktop computer is a drag.

Also, while I'm looking at the pony catalogue, I'd love it if there were a way LL could just simply gather up all the old rounds and questions so that we can play against ourselves at any time on any device. Just a list of questions, a place to answer them, and then the answer when you're done. (This is part N of my long question to find a single good trivia app for phones. They are all either too simplistic or larded with gamification and dreck. Just questions, answers, and a score! That all I want.)
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If you enjoy these and you enjoy puzzles you may also enjoy this puzzle from the 2016 Mystery Hunt, A League Of Their Own (solution). It was a ton of fun to work on. "What graceful New Jersey-based hair-metal band is noted for their long white necks?" remains one of my favorite fake questions.
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(until you punch above your weight for one season and get promoted, then get your ass kicked back down immediately NOT THAT I'M BITTER)

I'm having a bit of the opposite of that - I tend to forfeit 2-3 matches a season and had a bad season last time round, so I'm currently KICKING ASS in E rundle, woooooooo! (I'm also having a particularly good season which is a nice freaking change.)
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After a season spent mostly in last place, a late flurry got me all the way up to 20th at 8-11-6, out of the relegation zone and my highest position all season. Checking on my referrals, the guy I referred last season is also going up to A, and my MeFite referrals this season are going to C and D. And my referrer is moving on up to C, also! Somewhat surprisingly, all 3 players from B Arcadia who started in A Tidewater this year managed to hang on.

I also squeaked out the MetaFilter private rundle top spot, winning on a tiebreaker.

Rookie invitations go out July 31. Invitations aren't really open yet, but if you'd like one, you can ask.
posted by Huffy Puffy at 5:05 AM on June 20, 2017

I finished at 11-11-3, losing to or tying all but one person ahead of me in my rundle except one,and beating or tying every person below me except one.
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If you're like me, you may have wondered who the Mefites are that are in LL, and how you can find out who's who. It's not exactly searchable.

I have made a list of all Mefites who have said they're in LearnedLeague. I have added their LL usernames, if publicly available, and what their league was for last season. It's on the wiki, with links to this thread and previous threads. Feel free to update your information if you want. I took out people whose accounts on LL were inactive. I may have missed some people.

If it's not cool to gather all that information together, you can edit it or I can take it down. I took it straight from the MetaTalk threads.
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I mean, come on:

Provide the name missing from this otherwise complete list: Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, ________.


That's good stuff.

Thanks for putting together that wiki page, Huffy Puffy.
posted by Rock Steady at 9:28 AM on June 22, 2017

Just so everybody knows, registration opens up tomorrow (July 10), and runs through August 10. Hit us up if you need an invite. Good luck!
posted by Huffy Puffy at 2:56 PM on July 9, 2017

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