What if animals were round?
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Rollin' France is the latest animated short from Kyra Buschor & Constantin Päplow, and continues their hilarious series about a world where animals are round. Since their debut on the Blue back in 2012 they've filled a YouTube channel, Rollin' Wild, with many more shorts starring spherical animals.
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Assume a spherical cow in a cartoon...
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I can't tell. Are those particularly round seals or perfectly normal sea lions? I assume they aren't really svelte walruses, because of the lack of tusks.
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perfect cow logic
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Rare for a YT link, that quite literally had me laughing out loud. I really think my top two were the cat and the hamster.
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Rollin' Wild prepared me for the unnaturally round cat I 'inherited' from a neighbor a couple years ago. But it must be noted, most of that is pure fluff, there's a not-very-fat cat under all that.
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Oh God, NEVER do that to me again! I nearly gave myself a hernia laughing so hard!!!
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I really lost it at the cows.
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I once saw a chihuahua do what this dog did. It wasn't fat or anything, just lifted its leg too high and rolled over onto its back, where it remained, squirming like an overturned turtle, pissing upwards and onto itself in shock.
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They all look so very gassy. I kept waiting for one of the seals to fart and go flying around backwards like a rapidly-deflating balloon. (Which would also have been hilarious!)
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Let's be honest and say that we've all seen many a spherical pug/hamster. But OMG those cows had me crying laughing.....I also liked the spiteful "baaaah" of the winning ram.
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MetaFilter: They all look so very gassy.
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This is hilarious, especially the cows.

The dog reminds me of the one next door, who lost a front leg in an accident, and spent several weeks of recuperation adapting to it. He'd cock his leg against a tree, then slowly fall over sideways. every time. We felt bad laughing at him, but it was hilarious.
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You should post that story in the MeTa Hilarity thread, Fuchsoid.
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