World of Awe
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World of Awe -- Through a portal on 419 East 6th street in Manhattan, a traveler passes into the Sunset/Sunrise--a desert terrain locked into the mindframe between night and day, in search of a lost treasure. The voyage is documented in a journal found on a laptop evidently built by the traveler in Silicon Canyon, which is a graveyard for old computer components. The journal contains letters to an absent lover, travel logs and descriptions of the unique navigation tools. Following a hi-tech/lo tech, double-sided map (Eep & Moo), the traveler describes a search for a treasure that keeps relocating. The only remains found are crumbs fallen from the body of the treasure that surprisingly resemble candy sprinkles.
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I looked at this just long enough to realize that it's something I should *not* view at work...only because they'll fire my ass for wasting hours and hours.

This is, however, something I will look at extensively when I get home this evening.
posted by ColdChef at 9:58 AM on April 30, 2002

Indeed, I've marked this down for exploration later. Thanks Bolt :)
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I've spent 10 minutes investigating and this is one fantastic link. I too have to bookmark it and really get into it later but I wanted to give you some props while I was thinking about it.
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yael kanarek, the artist, has been working on this piece for about five years, and i think it's fascinating to see how a mature web project evolves. world of awe is also in this year's whitney biennial. make sure to check out the music as well, composed by the very talented yoav gal and featuring amazing soprano sarah rivkin.
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How is this better than Myst or Riven? Is it because it's couched as "art" and not as a video adventure game?

I was definitely not blown away, except maybe that someone can get into the Whitney by fiddling with Bryce and telling a meandering, pointless, completely "art-flavored" story online.

"I have found the key to beauty"... obviously the key must be tired JavaScript gimmicks. I guess I was wrong.

The art world remains irrelevant when it comes to online art. Just because someone spends five years on something doesn't mean it's necessarily time well spent.

However, back in the real world, I too have been wondering about 419 East 6th St since moving into the neighborhood. It's a 6-7 story building with enormous multi-story windows and one door behind a small gate. I lived a block away for 6 years and never saw anyone go in or out. We used to joke that it was a missile silo. I thought I had some photos but can't find them, maybe I'll walk over there later this afternoon and then post a few.
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dear new media artists, some of use STILL use 800x600 monitors.

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