"Now then, Pooh. Time for a little something!"
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From The Firesign Theatre Radio Hour Hour in 1970: "Chapter 6: In Which Eeyore Has a Birthday and Gets Two Presents" from A.A. Milne's Winnie The Pooh. (work-safe, family-safe, spoken-word only).

Presumably approved by neither Disney nor the Milne estate, more's the shame. And quite a break from the anarchic and surreal underground radio show it was originally performed on. Firesign, Firesign Theatre, Firesign Theater previously.
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This was not what I expected. Includes one of my favorite useful exchanges:

>"I'm giving this to Eeyore," he explained, "as a present. What are you going to give?"
>"Couldn't I give it too?" said Piglet. "From both of us?"
>"No," said Pooh. "That would not be a good plan."
>"It's a nice pot," said Owl, looking at it all round. "Couldn't I give it too? From both of us?"
>"No," said Pooh. "That would not be a good plan. Now I'll just wash it first, and then you can write on it."
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I've always liked telling this story because I Totally Get Eeyore and also it ends surprisingly well for him, (spoiler) happy at the end.

"No, but I – I – oh, Eeyore, I burst the balloon!"
There was a very long silence.
"My balloon?" said Eeyore at last.
Piglet nodded.
"My birthday balloon?"

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Did the Disney Corporation sue Firesign Theater over this?
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I often refer to mindless activities that I find hypnotic and totally satisfying as Eeyore's Balloons.
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all kids need pooh read to them.
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Hadn't heard that for years! Hmm, thinking about it now as an adult, curious what objects were chosen as gifts... Innocent story, or allusion to birthday sex?
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Jesus Christ does everything have to be made filthy.
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