Contemporary Ceramics
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I tend to be pretty grumpy and conservative when it comes to modern ceramicists, ie way too many pop culture mashups and an emphasis on abstraction before traditional shapes and glazing techniques have been mastered. That said, some of these are pretty pretty cool.
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oh man, this is great. <3
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Very interesting! Most of those made me think "Okay, this one is my favourite." Until I looked at the next one and thought the same thing again. But I think the teapot/puddle one is actually my fave.
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On the flip side of the "Ming Dynasty smashed can" pottery is the aluminum cans of Sangaria Royal Milk Tea.
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Oh, man, I love the elaborate flowers and the inflatable dinosaurs, but the wooden hands! Those are just blowing my mind.
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My personal favorite is Johnson Tsang. I've spent a lot of time looking at the photos of his art and found the main article from his facebook page. The detail in some pieces he has made is just great.
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These are really cool! Immediately made me recall the work of my cousin. She's a bit closer to the "traditional shapes and glazing techniques" that Think_Long is missing, but I hope her mugs and plates have a place in this thread. (blog is unfortunately in hungarian)
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Could a mod please fix the second name? It's supposed to be "Charlotte Mary Pack" but my pasting skills fell short.
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Mod note: Fixed!
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Hey! It's the Calamityware Kickstarter guy!
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Sylvia Hyman does some cool things with ceramics. I saw an exhibition of her works at the Frist Center in Nashville a few years ago, and it was very hard not to touch them to prove to myself that they weren't actually paper.
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Johnson Tsang indeed. WOW. Thanks, mattamatic; I'd never seen his stuff before, and I love it.
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I will add one more name for your reflection: Teri Frame.
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I loved the calamitywear and the dinosaurs. So real! So funny! I don't even know how they do that.
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Thanks for alerting me to Calamityware. I didn't need that savings account anyway.
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