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Emily Larlham's loving nature and no-intimidation training methods helped these hard-luck dogs learn to dance and caper [Scottish jig music]. More on the Kikopup Youtube channel. (MeFites love Kikopup)
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I have just named the chihuahua Squiggly Butt.
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"Squiggles" for short.
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I've watched a few of her videos and have always been super-impressed with what she and the dogs have accomplished. But this multi-dog dancing thing is just amazing.
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MeFites love Kikopup

Clearly I have some catching up to do, I had never seen her stuff before. Thanks!
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Reading about the circumstances the dogs came from and I AM NOT CRYING YOU ARE CRYING.
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Johnny Wallflower, you never disappoint...I love this post! Kikopups are wonderful!
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I do love Emily's videos and her dog clan. Thanks for the reminder too, because my husband and I were recently adopted by an adorable jerk of a chiweenie who could really benefit from some kikopup style training.

(For sad rescue stories - he was found as a stray, mostly starved, scratched and bitten all by something like an owl or a cat, and a very bad burn directly to his nose which you can see in the photo. A few months on, he's now 10 pounds, healed up, and all sass.)
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Emily has a real tao. If that comes across wrong in any way, I mean mostly she's brilliant, had a great teacher and has taken what she learned to the next level. But she's a gift.

Thanks so much for posting this and getting the word out further, Johnny Wallflower. World needs more people like this and more people knowing about people and training methods like this. Many millions of dogs (and secondarily, our relationships with them) can benefit.
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