(Mostly) Arizona by Drone
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Relax with this wonderful unedited drone footage of (mostly) Arizona: Cardiff by the Sea, Winter in Flagstaff, Picacho Peak, San Xavier Mission, Flagstaff Snow Bowl. Madera Canyon, Marana Farmland, Mount Lemmon, Marana and Tucson Desert, Ironwood Forest, Between Sedona and Flagstaff, Flagstaff, Sedona Red Rock. Oh, and here's the dog chasing the drone.

Don't be put off by the acrobatics at the start of the Snow Bowl playlist, there's some really lovely bits later on.
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(What is it with dogs chasing drones? My pup will chase remote control planes and gliders, too, even if they are way, way up -- do they know they are toys and as everydog knows toys are for chasing and so it is on?)

(Vids play fine on YT, but I get "an error occurred try again later" message when I try to play them in the site's YT pop-up.)
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Jumped immediately to the dog video. Now I want a drone.
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This is fascinating as an emerging art form, or communication form, but this guy has no composition skills, or personal aesthetic, so it is just a boy with a toy.
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Wow, that's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!
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I lived in Sedona for a while. It was the only place I have ever lived where walking the 3 blocks to the Circle K was an exercise in utterly breathtaking beauty EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU DID IT. It was actually pretty ridiculous. It's not now anything like what it was back in the mid-90s, sadly. I spent an afternoon sitting on a hillside above a valley with faces in the sheer cliffs opposite me speaking deep life wisdom because of the shrooms I was on. Sadly, that entire valley became a housing development in the intervening years. Etc, and thus, and such. Not the same place.

Still fucking beautiful walk to the Circle K, though.
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Clicked on the first link, became very puzzled as I seem to recall Arizona being landlocked. Googled Cardiff by the Sea....ah, California.
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That first link freaked me out. I grew up in Cardiff by the Sea. You can *almost* see my parents house in the video.
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