'It was a sewing machine, an old malicious one, black and gold...'
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Agata's Machine and Waxy are short stories by the Canadian writer Camilla Grudova (tumblr), whose debut collection The Doll's Alphabet has been likened to David Lynch, Margaret Atwood and Angela Carter.
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I should have mentioned: 'Waxy' is a disturbing tale with, towards its end, a description of sexual violence which may be upsetting for some readers.
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There's two rapes in Waxy. The last one the more violent, but worth noting if you have triggers.
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OMG, I just got the book! I'm only 1.5 stories in, but it is scrumptious.
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I've read that she is compared to Thomas Ligotti, but I am going to lean more on the David Lynch comparison.
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Waxy was awfully grim.
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