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Taika Waititi, New Zealander of the Year, calls on everyone to support a very important cause. The embodiment of everything that's good in the world asks you to have a little think about your contribution to this.
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Luckily we have many fine exemplars in high office to guide us.
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Clever, but perhaps too clever for its own good. But if it changes the mind of at least one person then who am I to judge.
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Unfortunately, What (too many) Do In The Shadows.
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I already give to Misogyny Lite. I don't have a petty hatred tree in the backyard I can pluck a fruit from everytime Minor Racism or Kinda-Xenophobia pops round.
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I loved that. Soooooo very subtle. Especially loved his explanation of microaggressions.
If I only give a little bit, will it even make a difference?

Not to you, no, but to the people receiving the racism, they'll be receiving hundreds of small bits every day, so it will add up. It will be noticed.
I'm also pleased to learn Taika Waititi is New Zealander of the Year! His movie Boy is an absolute delight.
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skux life
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Yes excellent ... I particularly like his Frequently asked questions about racism ... FAQaR ... fucker
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Pretty great.
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I know I ask for a lot, but... Taka Waititi/Lin-Manuel Miranda collaboration?

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They also have a pretty impressive line-up of New Zealanders supporting the campaign including the current All Black captain, Kieran Read, and the legendary All Black coach, Sir Graham Henry. You can see them all at the campaign's website Give Nothing. I mention those two in particular only because it signals how far New Zealand as changed from the one I grew up in the 1950's/1960's where All Blacks and their coaches were mostly white, monosylabbic farmers. As the country has changed, so have the All Blacks and it is all for the better.
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Taka Waititi/Lin-Manuel Miranda collaboration?

We came close with Moana, where Waititi wrote an early screenplay that was apparently completely scrapped.
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We came close with Moana, where Waititi wrote an early screenplay that was apparently completely scrapped.

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I saw on twitter that he's organising a Maori cast to dub 'Moana'. I love him. I especially love this clip of him at the Academy Awards (at about 1:40).
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Just showed this clip to my husband, and he said "that's so clever. I should send it to $racistsister" he also said "why don't we (Australia) have cool stuff like this."

It's heartening that he had such a positive reaction- rural culture can be problematic when it comes to racism, and it has to be an active choice to not be a racist.
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That was amazing.
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As well as this, Taika has been doing some great work supporting good causes, for example the Mental Health Foundation and the Green Party.

Sadly, I saw this on Facebook and a lot of the responses were rubbish: "the vast majority of New Zealanders aren't racist but when you accuse them of being racist [it makes them want to be racist or something, I didn't really follow the argument]". So I'm not sure how well the message has got through yet.

[Also, you've all seen Hunt for the Wilderpeople, right? Because you really should].
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