Tactile Maps & Visualizations
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Showing data in physical form from ancient times to the present. One thing not on this seemingly comprehensive list are the Inuit wooden tactile maps. There's lots to chew on in the main list.
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These are beautiful - this is the first time it occurred to me how often maps are that.
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Cool, thanks for posting this!
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Tactile maps previously, though the main link is dead. Still, a few good links in the comments. This site also has a nice article, as well as more about the Marshall Islands maps.
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I've done a couple of modest experiments with fabricating data visualizations. Mostly map-based, so it's relatively easy to do the spatial mapping, but then laser cutting various data traces on top of a 2d map. It's remarkably satisfying to work with physical materials. I find myself alternately thinking I should buy my own laser cutter and wishing I had traditional fabrication skills to sculpt things. I really like Loren Madsen's data sculptures.
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A wonderful find; thanks for the post!
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