Camping on huge chimney
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At the intersection of #yolo and #youdidnotsleepthere is Flaviu Cernescu and Dina Zaur's climb 833 feet (254m) up a janky Romanian industrial chimney to set up camp. Don't grab anything slick for a while 'cos you're gonna have some sweaty palms. Though it ends charmingly (all hugs!) this one gets worse for a long, long time.

If you've found yourself adept at peeking through your fingers you might also like him juggling dangerously across a viaduct or dangerously juggling and separately but still dangerously unicycling on the lip of a dam. If you want to start slow perhaps this tethered and considerably more sensible highline over one of them lake, um "glory hole" things...

Yes, you may be sitting or lying on the thing you are sitting or lying on but you will only need...THE EDGE!
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Surprisingly, it wasn't the handrail balancing that got me. It was watching chunks of rusted metal from the ladder come off in his hands on the way down...
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no...I dont think i could do this, even if someone put a gun to my head.
...I couldnt even watch all of it. I am a total chicken.
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I remember having a very restless night sleeping on the top bunk in a hostel once, so I don't think I'll be doing that any time soon.
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I'm sure Oleg Sherstyachenko aka Oleg Cricket has a death wish... his stuff makes me feel ill.
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Okay, I got through the chimney video. The others will have to wait until my jaw unclenches. And maybe another part of me, too.

I really wonder what it's like to have no fear of heights. If I suddenly lost mine, would I start doing stunts like these, or would I remember -- from the old days -- what gravity is?
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I don't imagine he will have a very long life.
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I loved this. Cringeworthy, yes, in spots .. but simply awesome otherwise! Not that I'd do this .. too old.
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I was cool with everything except the handrail walking.

Not as if I'll by trying any of this anytime soon ...
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I know that they get down safely, because the text says so and after all, how else would they upload the video?

But watching this I am still 100% certain they will die.
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Couldn't do the chimney. I used to work in a shipyard repairing older ships and I know how rotten old steel ladders can get.
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The tent doesn't appear to be tied down AND it's hanging off the end on one side. I hope neither of them tosses or turns in their sleep.

What is it with eastern Europeans?
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To quote the IM I sent the link to a friend in...

"XXXXXX XXXXXXXX, [16.06.17 12:17]

Said friend's response...

"XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX, [16.06.17 12:23]
bucket of nope"
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I like that this is shot and edited like an indie found footage horror film.
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Nope. Nope nope nope.
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When I was a child, I feared I would die from a Russian dropping an atomic bomb on me. Now I fear I will die from a Russian landing on me.
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...jesus christing fuck
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As a person for whom Man On Wire was essentially a horror movie, DID NOT ENJOY
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The tent doesn't appear to be tied down AND it's hanging off the end on one side. I hope neither of them tosses or turns in their sleep.

I really assumed they didn't actually camp up there.
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