From Garching to Innsbruck in 7 days
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From Garching to Innsbruck in 7 days [via mefi projects] "Hello, dear reader! I’m Michael, a 25-year-old recent graduate of computer science at TUM. This is the public diary of my hiking trip which will take me from the FMI building in Garching, Germany, where I studied for my master’s degree, to Innsbruck, Austria, where I spent the first 23 years of my life."

"For those who know the area, the current plan is as follows: Together with one friend who has decided to join me for the whole trip, and a handful of other people who will each be with me for at least a day, I will cross Munich on the first day (Wednesday, 14 September) to get to Grünwald. Day two follows the Isar until Geretsried, from where day three will take us to Bichl via the Loisach. On day four, the destination lies on the western shore of Walchensee, and day five is supposed to end not far from the Austrian border in Mittenwald. Weather permitting, the Karwendel will be the subject of days six and seven, such that Tuesday, 20 September is mostly downhill to Innsbruck.

All the details, with a few random (but hopefully somewhat interesting) facts about the places we pass through, will appear here during the journey. Enjoy!"
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This is lovely, thank you.
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As I have nothing to say but, "that's pretty cool", here's song partly about the Isar, or about a journey in the opposite direction.
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Thanks this is great!
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Used to be content like this was the Web and now you hardly see it anymore. When it was more work to throw up pictures you ended up with more content around them. Nicely sentimental.
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