Did you collect them all?
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Hope you managed to cash out of your Pokemon Go gyms this morning, because they've been disabled in preparation for a major overhaul of the game.

Also, spawn points have changed, and Pokemon Go Fest is all set for Chicago, although tickets sold out this morning in just a few minutes.
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I opened the app when I saw that spawn points have changed and now I have one in my living room. Woo!
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Pokemon Blue?
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The new gym system looks great. Genuinely excited!
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Any idea when trading will come online? We're going to the UK this August and my son wants to make new friends by handing out Tauros to all who ask.
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We're going to the UK this August and my son wants to make new friends by handing out Tauros to all who ask.

I don't play, nor do I care to, but your son sounds like a cool person.
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Still no idea on trading. I'm betting they still need to do some anti botting and spoofing stuff behind the scenes.
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Aw, I wonder if the spawn in my living room will have gone. So sad!
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I'm still playing and think this will be a great change. Gyms in my neighborhood have been stagnant for months. It's all level 10 blissey towers with no room for me and I don't want to make an alt to flip my own teammates out.
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Living in a rural area, the closest place any spawn to me is 4km away. This was a big disappointment to me when the game came out - I had dreams of sending the kids hunting for Pokemon in the forest where Pokemon should be, but it turns out they would have been hunting for Pokemon outside an outlaw motorcycle club house miles away, which was less than ideal. We quickly gave up playing.

From that reddit thread, it's not entirely clear but it seems the situation is possibly now even worse for people not in densely populated cities?
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Oh god am I glad to see the reign of Blisseys coming to an end. Gyms have been impossible for weeks.

At least my Pokedex has been looking pretty good.
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I'm still surprised they haven't gone with type-themed gyms. E.g., only insect or grass type allowed at Gym X. Not only is it lore appropriate, it would activate a good portion of trash tier 'mons.

Still, this is a good update. My friend who's big into Pokémon is super stoked.
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I'm looking forward to this. It isn't just that gyms have become stagnant, it's that out of hundreds of pokemon only a few are actually useful. Like, it's cool I finally managed to evolve a magneton but it's useless in the current system.
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Looks like more gyms are being added too. A number of future gym markers are popping up in Savannah, GA! Makes sense, if gyms only hold six slots now, there needs to be more of them to cover the current population.
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Gyms will also give out "gym-related" items when they come back (potions and revives, not sure about berries), which will be very nice for those of us with very limited stops around. Though it won't help with being forever short on balls.

Looking forward to the changes and especially the upcoming raids. Though I'm very much hoping that they'll be possible without too much forced interaction with the great unwashed...

FYI, there's tons of detailed info about the upcoming changes on the new Pokemon Go Support page.
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Actually, on re-read of the support page, looks like gyms will give out balls too. Hurray!!
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Also this strongly suggests legendaries available from Gym Raids.
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Pokemon Go is pretty useless where I live, because it's not safe for me to walk to the nearest stop or gym, even though they're both within a mile. No sidewalks, busy main road. Still play whenever I travel.
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All of this would be just FINE if the damn PTC servers weren't down yet AGAIN. Arrrgh.
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I don't play, but I am told that some kind of Pokemon thing is on the sidewalk out front of my house. I am getting a kick out of watching people walk up the sidewalk, stop, look at their phone, and go back the way they came. I also see cars cruise very slowly up the street, stop out front, and then drive off. Sometimes they pull into my driveway but the drivers never get out. If I were paranoid I might get upset, but I think it's cute.
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I found it interesting to see how the many churches that were either stops or gyms handled that weird drive-by effect. Some of them complained and got the locations removed, some put out signs inviting players to come in and join their services...
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I'm worried that the changes will create an explicit class divide between Valor and the other teams. Valor already has the infrastructure to take advantage the raids and get all the new loot (things like Facebook groups for raid planning, and (or so the stereotype goes) actually spending money on items). As a Mystic member who's given up on gyms altogether and focuses on catching, hatching, and evolving, I'm annoyed that there are no new opportunities to support my play style. Like bonuses for walking certain distances or filling up a certain amount of the Pokedex, or, you know, trading Pokemon or making incubators cheaper occasionally. I worry that Niantic is focusing too much on one type of player at the expense of the rest, and (full disclosure) I care because that "rest" includes me.
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dialMforMara - that player is us too! These changes don't do much for us.
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Dragons, want more dragons. Also kitties.
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Valor isn't unique in having Facebook groups for planning.
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Good thing they are going to make the gyms spinnable for items, because they're turning some of the Pokestops in my area into gyms, so they're annoyingly inaccessible.

And it seems like the Fire and Ice event is ongoing for as long as it's taking them to get the new gyms finished?
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No, the event is (re) scheduled to end in about 2 hours from now, though the events often run overtime randomly.

No official release time yet for the gyms but it should be within the next few days, according to what their reps have been saying on reddit.
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Yeah, I'm in a local Mystic facebook group, but I don't go on gym raids because I am a high school teacher and I don't want to accidentally make plans to hang out with teens from the internet. (Even though the teens I know assure me that only their moms still play.)
I'm in the group to hear game updates without having to try to hear game updates.
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The theory is once the update has been pushed to all countries and regions, they'll force everyone to update to it and make gyms live. No idea when that'll happen though, a few weeks at the most probably.
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All the teams are fairly organized near me. I'm in a big private Mystic group, a smaller town specific Mystic chat with our own scanning bot sending notifications for rare spawns, and a county-wide all team discord channel. I know the other teams have a similar setup. We had even worked out small truce sections around town so each team's raiding parties would have some guaranteed gyms each day. Plus there's a group of players that host regular lure parties at some local hotspots. Raids should be pretty fun around here :)
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Annnnd new gyms are live!!

Get out there and try them out, trainers!
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I'm not normally one for gyms, but I admit finding six of them right after opening was pretty fun.
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I've continued to enjoy this game, largely because of the frequent special events. But I also like gym play, which my partner showed me how to do. On my own I would never have even tried, given the small size of my monsters-- in theory I really shouldn't be able to play at all, but it seems to be sort of a rock-paper-scissors thing. It seems like it will be quite fun if more different kinds of pokemon are able to come into play. As basic as the animation is, I love the different skills they have, like the rhinos' stone edge, or the way the machamp seems to be punching holes in a pane of glass.
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Having played one afternoon, so far I hate the changes to gym play. First, it's more time consuming to take down a gym with only one Pokemon in it. Second, I want my coins! I don't want to earn them by staying in the damn gym. The new animations are nice, and I do like getting supplies at the gyms. I guess the emphasis is really playing with another team member now. I just don't do that.
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Yeah I don't know how it's going to work out for me in gyms now. In the past, I have mainly gotten into gyms by upping their prestige until I can slip in, or my partner and I take one down and then one of us goes in. Sadly, my partner is a different team than me. Should one of us start a new account on the other one's team, maybe?
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This afternoon was whirlwind of emotion and activity. Coins went from 1 an hour to 1 every ten minutes, then the daily cap was halved to 50. All this while Raids were introducted to various levels of players,
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I really like that the daily cap means there isn't an incentive for hardcore players to get into ten gyms. I'm so used to the level ten Mystic in all directions... Today I saw a yellow gym with one Pokémon in it and ran down to add mine (and feed theirs) and they are crazily still in there. When I've played the gyms before, I hit the coin thing in the store as quickly as possible, because low level gyms are overturned in a matter of seconds around here. I wasn't sure this change was going to make gyms more fun, but so far, yes. (Also, my Pokémon wasn't returned during the raid; it was still/back in the gym when the raid was done. It's motivation was lower, but I don't know if it'll count towards coins.)
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Okay, I've played in gyms more now, and I think they've tweaked the play enough that the actual battles are okay. I have no idea how many coins I should get when one of my guys makes it back. Not very much is what I'm seeing. That kind of sucks, but at least I get Niantic's motivation for that. I did win two raids, and they were fun with a big XP reward too. I'm traveling on Monday and Tuesday, and I'm kind of psyched about collecting other badges. I need secret Poketime away from my coworkers!
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The current rate for coins is 1 coin for every ten minutes in a gym, with a daily max of 50 coins.
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How are we feeling about raids, peeps? It seems to encourage my less-favored style of play, which is my husband driving me around while I play for both of us. At least that way, though, we end up getting a good idea about which is the best raid for our one free daily raid pass.

I like the idea, floated on TheSilphRoad Reddit, that level 1 raids should be free.

I have played two Machamp raids and one Bayleef raid (which I regret, tbh). They're fine! Totally okay.

I lack a Tyranitar. I'd be psyched about a raid for one of them.
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Raids are great. Gymhuntr tracks raids now, so that's helped eliminate the need to aimlessly drive around. My area has a local raiding chat group now too, where people can call out raids and organize groups. I got a snorlax today! Anyone in Orange County, CA hit me up for an invite into the Facebook chat. All teams welcome.
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Raids are meh. But i'm level 40, so....

I can pay a dollar for the chance at a better version of a 'Mon I already got, wheee! But actually meeting other players can be nice and TMs are a great prize. At this point I'm trying them solo to see how far I get.
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I haven't tried any raids yet-- it's too much of a pain in trying to get there when one is available.

I have been enjoying gym battles. I was a little miffed when my Blissey was in a gym all day and got zero coins. It would have been 50-- the daily cap-- expect it turned out my last pokemon had been kicked out just after midnight the same day and collected 50. If anything, I'll have an easier time getting coins now. I never had 5 pokemon parked in gyms, and I had trouble remembering when it was time to collect, or it was 3am.

I am loving having a bigger variety of characters in play. I get to park my very weak Blissey and my Muk in gyms and have them stay a while. It's rather heartrending to me when I see that they asked for berries and did not get them and got kicked out. Bad Pokemom!
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I'm loving the raids - so far I've done an electabuzz and eggecutor (both very easy with 2 level 35 players) and a snorlax, also very easy because we lucked into a group of 6 very high level players just about to start when we got there. We really really wanted to do a tyranitar but nobody was around and we knew we couldn't take it alone.

Thrilled about the snorlax itself (I've only caught/ hatched 3 before, I think?). Rewards are pretty great too - I was lucky to get 2 TMs between the 3 raids, plus some golden razz and rare candy.

New gym system and especially the 50 coin cap I'm not so thrilled about yet, but I'll wait and see how they shake out after the system's more final.
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4 high levels failed to get a Tyranitor, though I say it's because 2 of use were glitching out. Only missed it by 10-20 seconds. I refuse to say whether I was one of the four or just mocked them for a hour.

Note: DO NOT use a Ditto when fighting a Tyranitor, even as an experiment. It won't work.
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Yesterday my partner and I were able to do a Magmar raid, just the two of us, won and both got the Magmar. That is potentially really fun. I was a little disappointed that we were in a park that's a hub for the game, and saw no other players looking for raids. Some kids dropping lures and hunting, but no one by the gyms. Maybe people use up their one daily raid pass and stop?

My partner was going by a cemetery the other day, and saw a burial taking place, with some of the mourners apparently participating in a raid.
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