Gaudi's First House
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Gaudy? No, it's just Gaudi and his first house, now open to the public. His works always make me smile. I'm not so sure I'd want to actually live in them, but maybe I would.
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Lovely. The Sagrada Familia is the most amazing building I have ever seen, or will ever see I expect. The light and the architecture are incredibly beautiful, almost magical. It's interesting to see how his style evolved over time.

The world would be a better place if we spent more time on beauty in our every day lives I think.
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How beautiful! 1883-1885 is earlier than I'd assumed for Gaudi's work.
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Spooky, I just visited the Capricho de Gaudi in Comillas today. Now I have another to do.

MBL, I think furnishing his houses would be challenging; not just because of finding things that would harmonise with the house while working for you, but because it seems to me there isn't always that much space to play with.
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Wow, that's amazing.
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Looks great! I'll take it!
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I think that I would furnish it with huge throw pillows, the better to lay on my back and look at the ceilings.
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He made furniture too! It's in some of the existing museums/ houses. Simply organic wood stuff for the most part.
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When I visited his Casa Batllo, I could easily imagine myself living there.
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Maybe transparent furniture would be the way to go—glass, acrylic, etc. Of course, you might find yourself bumping into it all the time. Maybe outline the furniture in neon—yeah, that'd be good. Okay, I'm ready to move in now.
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I'd worry too much about a which shoving me into a gingerbread oven.
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Darnit! Guess I have to back to Barcelona.
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I'm sorry, I must see the bathroom. Surely, that place has a throne room to rival all others?!
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This is apparently a Gaudi-designed bathroom from La Predrera. Fairly restrained...although, that toilet tank!
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I'd worry too much about a which shoving me into a gingerbread oven.

Sneetches I kind of get where you're coming from with all that gingerbread decoration, but which what?
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He did not do subtle.
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Gaudi is great! There should be a gaudisic dome.

I expect Ernst Fuchs took inspiration from Gaudi in his architectural work.

Ernst Fuchs as Architect and decorator

Ernst Fuchs architecture images

Official Webpage of Prof. Ernst Fuchs

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Rarely do you come across an artist whose singular vision can create on a universal level. Frank Lloyd Wright comes to mind.
Only in America! Frank Lloyd Wright , to me, could only come out of America. I also think there seems to be something uniquely Catalunan
about Gaudi . But what is it?What is it about Barcelona or what is it about Cataluna and Gaudi?
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