"It belies a mastery of the form."
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You know what's kinda relaxing? Watching smart people give advice about their field of expertise. When they happen to also be talented comedic actors, it's even better. So please enjoy "Wood Support" with Nick Offerman and "Doc Support" with Ken Jeong (Part of Wired's "Tech Support" series).
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Reddit's /r/ArtisanVideos is pretty good for this kind of thing, as well.
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Ken Jeong's is funnier, but I could listen to Nick Offerman talk about paint drying for an hour.
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I take some issue with Offerman's response to the question about dovetails. Perhaps the asker should have used the term "variation" or "version" instead of "shape", but there are plenty of different versions of the dovetail joint. Roy Underhill did a whole episode of The Woodwright's Shop on the topic.
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jedicus, I think you may have missed the joke there.
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I take some issue with Offerman's claim that the interior angles of a polygon always add up to 360 degrees.

I do always enjoy listening to him talk about woodworking, though, as someone without a lot of space and time to practice it myself. I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the series, too.
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The exterior angles do add up to 360 degrees, which I think is what he's referring to.
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This diagram shows what they mean by an "exterior angle." It may not mean what you think it does.
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Yeah, it occurred to me some time after I posted that the angle most closely related to a miter cut is the exterior angle, since you're probably measuring your cut angle relative to a perpendicular cut. I still think it's potentially misleading to say that a hexagon has six 60-degree corners, but that's more a theoretical nitpick than a practical one.
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Just stopping in to say seeing Nick Offerman live a few years ago was great. He came out speaking about his 10 tips for a prosperous life at a college arena type event that was timed around some big campus celebration and... man... he was amazing but A) gave no shits about going long and B) gave even less shits about offending hypocrites of the Christian flavor, pretty much as this subreddit topic from back then mentions.

It was awesome and I had no issues with him pulling no punches at folks that purport to love one another but don't show it in their politics or actions. It really was that good and the longform rambling timing of things was fine to many of us in the audience.

Anyway, yes, national treasure who happens to play a odd political mindset on a sitcom. Thanks for the post.
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