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Renegade Soundwave (RSW) were one of those musical act that didn't sell as many records or gain as much fame as their influence would suggest (certainly not in America). From the fertile time that gave us MARRS, Pop Will Eat Itself, KLF, Meat Beat Manifesto, 808 State, etc. they mixed Hip Hop beats, Dance tracks and Dub in a way that heavily influenced the Big Beat and Electronica of the 90's and more.

Go back to 1988 and watch this weird interview (where they dismiss PWEI who would later name check them in "Can U Dig It?")

Early singles like "Kray Twins" and "Cocaine Sex" led to the 1989 album "Soundclash" featuring "Biting My Nails", an unlikely cover of a Genevieve Waite tune (also covered by Tim Curry???), "The Phantom" and "Probably A Robbery"

Immediately after they released the probably more influential "In Dub", an entire album of dance dub tracks featuring "Thunder", "Transworld Siren", "Black Eyed Boy" and "Women Respond To Bass" (and a personal favorite, a b-side to the "Thunder" single called "Mash Up").

They released two more albums, "Howyoudoin?" and "The Next Chapter of Dub" before splitting up, and later a Compilation; "RSW 1987-1995"

They are cited as influences by The Chemical Brothers (who featured "Thunder" on their "Brothers Gonna Work It Out" remix album) and Leftfield who did a classic remix of the song "Renegade Soundwave", and "The Phantom" was on the playlist for Carl Cox's final Space residency set

Here's the Who Sampled? page if you're into that, and why wouldn't you be?
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For me, RSW was like the eighties equivalent of Elvis or the Beatles. Kray Twins felt like a nuclear bomb going of in my adolescent brain. It sounded as fresh and exciting as Heartbreak Hotel must have sounded in its day. Totally blew me away and still an influence on the music I'm making today. East end rise!
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Holy crap I forgot about this group. I loved them. Thanks you!!!!
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I had a cassette of Soundclash that I played to death that year. It's mixed up in my head with the East London pirate radio scene of that time loudly pumping crazy intense amphetamine charged house and electro out of every stereo in E15. Brilliant stuff.
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Songs there I'd not heard in 25 years. Thanks
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They blew me away at the time with the Rock/Dance/Dub combination.
In retrospect there were a lot of big records for me in 1989;
"Pretty Hate Machine"
"Paul's Boutique"
"3 Feet High and Rising"
"This Is the Day...This Is the Hour...This Is This!"
"The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste"
Look at these lists;
(There is no Renegade Soundwave on those lists)

In 1989 I'd be really surprised if you told me that in 2017;

a. I'd still be alive
2. There were no Replicants or off world colonies
d. Out of these Renegade Soundwave would be the ones I'd listen to the most still and the ones that influenced the music I make the most.
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Six degrees of 4AD - They have their roots in this label. It's like many of the Wax Trax! artists as well, who were pioneers in the electronic scene.
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Just got back from a house party…
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In Dub is one of my all time favorite albums. I'd listen to it on repeat for days at a time.
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Well, as a result of poking around from this, I learned that soundtrack composer Clint Mansell was lead singer for Pop Will Eat Itself. Thanks for this and for the leads into great new (to me) music and info! (now listening to In Dub...)
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And I still say "Can you believe Clint Mansell from PWEI does movie soundtracks now?"
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Awesome band, Next Chapter of Dub is my favourite, and a mandatory listen for anyone who likes the Chemical Brothers.

Interview and mix from Danny.
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And one from Gary.
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The "Renegade Soundwave" youtube you linked to is the 7" version. Here's the Leftfield Remix which still kills in mixes and on dance floors.
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