Every baby born into the world is a finer one than the last.
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Surprisingly cute baby animals (baby stingrays previously). (Sidebar may have NSFW pics)

That is all.
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I personally was not surprised they were cute! I would 100% hug that porcupine, consequences be damned.
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You're doing Dog's work, Johnny.
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Baby stingrays are cute. I don't think I'll ever look at ravioli the same again.
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whose a cute little anthropomorphic ravioli?

you are, baby stingray, you're the cutest little ravioli
posted by idiopath at 3:40 PM on June 26, 2017

That pic of the baby puffer makes me sad... puffing up is a last-resort defense and is apparently bad for the fish, and then it's also out of the water. The other ones are cute, though...

Just an FYI, I got a thing in the sidebar that could be considered NSFW... related to the Girls section of the site, probably.
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Ewww, sorry, didn't see that. Could the duty mod mention that in the post, please? It appears on the bottom right after a short scroll.
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Despite the "800,00 years" typo, this is pretty great.
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[Added a note to the post.]
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Those stripes on the sand cat make me think of Charlie Brown.
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Mr. Kitty and I were at the zoo last week and there was a mama peacock and a baby peacock just hanging out by the duck pond kind of hidden by a tree. It was so weird to look at a baby peacock because I had never seen one before and didn't have a concept for what it should look like. It was. Dry cute and stayed very close to its Mama. We then went to go see the new gorilla baby that was born June 2nd. He looked like a very cute baby gorilla.
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Baby llamas ftw!

Also I had no idea that nail fungus was a baby animal until reading this article and now I am heartbroken that you can get rid of it forever in just three days with this one simple trick!
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If you are going to have just one baby bird, the correct answer is not peacock, it’s Spoon-billed Sandpiper.
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I see your spoon-billed sandpiper and I raise you a baby tawny frogmouth
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These... a good fifty percent of these are basically real life pokemon

10/10 good baby animals, Brent. would click again.
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I'm pretty sure fruit bats are the largest bats, not the smallest bats.
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