The noise is clipping.
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"The problem is we talk each other into these really ambitious ideas where we decide that’s the best idea and we can’t be like “well that’s unreasonable, we shouldn’t do that.” We get so married to these things; “Well that’s what we’re gonna do!” So that song might not come out for a while because we’ve got to put speakers at either end of the Grand Canyon to use it as a reverb chamber and WE WILL NOT DO THIS SONG IF WE CAN’T DO THAT."
Keith McMillen Instruments interviews Jonathan Snipes and William Hutson of clipping. [clipping. previously]
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Whew, what a great interview! Some of the technical stuff was over my head, but the brilliant thinking and deep ideas behind their sound comes through so clearly.

I was introduced to clipping through the MF post linked in the previously and I've been a fan ever since. Was lucky enough to see them at a tiiiiny venue in Chicago earlier this year and they absolutely blew the roof off the place. It was awesome to see their complex, layered, technical performance up close and personal.

Plus, the venue was so small that I got to meet Daveed afterward, which was a fabulous bonus.
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I'll second some of it going over my head but I recently ordered my first ever vinyl... clippings.' Splendor and Misery. I think it'll be a worthwhile experience.
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Did I just read an entire article about clipping that did not once credit or even mention Daveed Diggs??
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I don't know the other guys but Hutson's good fuckin people.
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I saw them in London last year. So good, so much energy.

There were also a lot more middle aged woman in the crowd than would normally be expected at an industrial rap gig, presumably to see Daveed. I completely love this.
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