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David Kawai makes tiny hand-folded origami cranes. More on his instagram, twitter.
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About the process
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Wow. I spent an evening trying this a couple of years ago. My best attempt was a crane from a 10mm square, and that was with a slightly messed up tail (the other two in that pic are 15mm which is comparatively easy). 5mm is incredible.
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What the shit. I am proud when I make a 15cm crane.
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Very kawaii.
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Wow. I used to make 1.25" (31.75 mm) paper cranes all the time - the house is full of pill bottles full of them, and I've done the thousand paper cranes thing a couple times at that scale, but this?

This is ridiculous.
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Jaw-dropping. I make post-it note cranes all the time (3" square), and the smallest I've made is probably .75".
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Heh, my humblebrag started a trend in this thread :)
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Looks like the perfect hobby for POTUS.
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