All this and "Spaceballs" too.
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One great way to get ready for the Animaniacs reboot is to listen to "Yakko's World"... sung by the movies.
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I was literally previewing my post on this when yours appeared. It's great - here is a list of the films used.
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I love this and you.

But, you forgot previously.
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I should point out that my previously doesn't have anything to do with the Animaniacs (despite one brief appearance), but it's the same sort of idea.
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That. Is. Incredible.

I used to post snarky garbage about people having too much time on their hands. But I'm older now and I just sit here in wide-eyed wonder. Bravo. Bravo.
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This is great! Just when I start hating the internet someone goes and does something like this and it's all good again.
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How is this possible without spending literally years on this? Did they spend literally years on this?
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I just found out there's a Rock's Modern Life reboot in the works and now I see Animaniacs are (is?)coming back? This is amazing!
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a Rock's Modern Life reboot in the works

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I was looking forward to seeing what would be used for "Transylvania," and I was not disappointed.
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I imagine this video used QuoDB or some similar service, but there's still an obvious human curation element in picking which movie to use for any given word, then extracting (and perfectly timing) the clips. Not literally years, but tough work nonetheless.
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Nickelodeon has in production a one-time (with potential for follow-ups) movie-length RockO's Modern Life 'revival' in which the characters are all transported to the current day, skipping the last 20 years and learning to cope with a MORE Modern Life. Interesting premise. And ALL the original voice actors have signed on.
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I can still sing this song from memory at breakneck speed, as it turns out.

That updated version linked above is a little strange because the original song was never complete. It left out a ton of countries, and the updated version adds a few but still leaves out plenty. Poor Burkina Faso.
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They sort of cheated with Cayman (Will Smith in MEN IN BLACK introducing himself as Agent "K, man"). ....I am okay with that.
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That was SPECTACULAR!!! I'm now more convinced that something good can happen in the world.
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