Our sense is such/That, spider-like, we feel the tenderest touch
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Phidippus and Hyllus are genera in the family Salticidae (jumping spiders). Phidippus Adumbratus is endearingly cute and can be puppy-like [percussive new age audio], to the point of being pettable [birdsong] (previously). Hyllus Giganteus, the largest member of its genus, is more daunting [tense music] but every bit [quiet speech] as adorable [just mute the audio, trust me].
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I love the slow motion in the BBC clip. Hydraulic-aided jumping!
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Ahh, the beloved star of /r/spiders. I wish I had more of them. Too many dull huntsmen in my house.
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Since finding out that the hairs of Chilean Rose Tarantulas break off, float around in the air, and then embed themselves in your corneas, I don't think I'm really down with petting fuzzy spiders.
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Jumping spiders = best spiders
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If you live in the UK, jumping spiders (in the form of the Zebra Spider) are everywhere. You very often find them on vertical surfaces. UPVC doors and brick walls eem to be favourite places for them. They're way too small to pet, but they're quite pretty.
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There's often a jumping spider hanging out on my patio table. I had no idea they were this friendly.
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I love jumping spiders! I love posts about jumping spiders!

I worry that all these people handling jumping spiders will wind up accidentally hurting them...
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Tiny zebra jumping spiders are often seen where we live. They don't bite me. They're cute.
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Welcomed guests in every home we've lived in. I fed one a fly when we were in Utah. I watched it trying to catch the insect and repeatedly failing, so I stunned a fly with a swatter and offered it to the spider. The spider jumped on my finger just long enough to grab the insect, and then jumped away with it. Certainly the best of my spider-related memories.
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Phidippus!! Yay!!

A couple p. audax have been hanging out with me while I work lately. One got super curious about the contents of my wallet, and emerged a few minutes later with a vague air of disappointment.

They are hilariously friendly little critters and have been delightful company. If they continue to come around, they may get named.
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