May 1, 2002
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Oh yes! It's that month of the year again; read about it, do the quiz, talk and think about it at various events, earn some money for a cause. Or join in: the fun should be well underway in about 7 hours. (All links NSFW. I wonder why. Do you wonder why?)
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Metafilter sure is losing it.
posted by aaronshaf at 12:43 PM on May 1, 2002

It's shit like this that makes me wonder about the waning quality of this site.
posted by Mach3avelli at 12:49 PM on May 1, 2002

Oh, please. It's as newsworthy as any of the other crap on the frontpage... unless you're uptight.
posted by crunchland at 12:53 PM on May 1, 2002

Jeez, ya grumpy non-masturbators! Get a grip, as it were.

Anyway, here's a great first-hand report from Globalgasm.
posted by RJ Reynolds at 12:55 PM on May 1, 2002

It's shit like this that makes me wonder about the waning quality of this site.


I think this is great. I live only a few blocks away from Good Vibrations. They are a forward thinking sex-positive outfit that is trying to promote human sexuality as a natural, healthy, clean and fun aspect of our lives.

I've sponsored two different women in the past for the M-a-thon. Its a great way to raise money and awareness.
posted by vacapinta at 12:57 PM on May 1, 2002

Funny, I thought that the suicide bomber flash posts signaled some sort of demise. [this is good]
posted by adampsyche at 12:58 PM on May 1, 2002

I gotta admit, some of it is inappropriate, and should have been marked as such. I have to agree with crunchland though, it is as newsworthy as anything else.

The odds are good that you'll get your wish and the links will be deleted. Too have to love yourself before you can love the world, yes?
posted by ashbury at 12:59 PM on May 1, 2002

I gotta admit, some of it is inappropriate, and should have been marked as such

I'm of the mind that the clear NSFWing did just that.
posted by sigma7 at 1:06 PM on May 1, 2002

A content heads up might well have been nice ... urgh ...
posted by feelinglistless at 1:07 PM on May 1, 2002

sigma7, believe it or not, I didn't know what that meant. On hindsight, ya, I see. Unfortunately, maybe there are still some people out there who don't know all the acronyms (like me).
posted by ashbury at 1:18 PM on May 1, 2002

Funny, I would have sworn it stood for Never Say Free Willy.
posted by gleuschk at 1:20 PM on May 1, 2002

"Nuts!" Say Fervent Wankers.
posted by y2karl at 1:29 PM on May 1, 2002

Fair enough. I wasn't meaning to be snarky... in fact, it was rather presumptuous of me to assume everyone knew what NSFW meant. My bad.
posted by sigma7 at 1:47 PM on May 1, 2002

discussing people killing people = always appropriate

discussing people humping people = hardly ever appropriate.

it's not metafilter that's out of wack, its our "value" system.

the puritan nature of Adult Behavoir has limited our ability to discuss Adult matters, and therefore ignorance and very stale and drab existances.

Instapundit gets a zillion hits and barely gets any attention. makes me sick.
posted by tsarfan at 1:48 PM on May 1, 2002

Oh, and if anyone can't read that Globalgasm article in Word format, here it is in PDF. Because I live to serve.

Also, in keeping with the theme, I recommend everyone go listen to Tweet's "Oops (Oh My)," my current favorite ode to female masturbation.

(I looked over to the left)
Umm I was looking so good I couldn't reject myself
(I looked over to the left)
Umm I was feeling so good I had to touch myself

posted by arielmeadow at 1:50 PM on May 1, 2002

Thanks Ariel, nice article! I've never joined yet, Globalgasm takes place around 5 in the morning where I live, and I don't even have a webcam, so.... No, I'm sure that's not what it's about.

Re: appropriateness; on second thought I agree that I was a bit hasty in posting, and should have been more explicit in describing what this is about.
posted by disso at 2:30 PM on May 1, 2002

FYI: The "official" gathering is 8pm Pacific. But any orgasm during the first 24 hours of the month can be focused toward the Globalgasm cause!

The main thing to remember is that even if you are physically by yourself, you are NOT alone. :)
posted by halcyon at 2:50 PM on May 1, 2002

FYI, it's also New Zealand Music Month. There is no correlation between the two.
posted by Foaf at 3:00 PM on May 1, 2002

The yiddish word for "penis" is "schmuck". Used in context, a "schmuck" is a guy who lets his penis rule his life. Bill Clinton was a schmuck par excellence. Globalgasm is a schmuckfest.
posted by mikegre at 5:06 PM on May 1, 2002

Ooh, nice one, mikegre! Now can we call GW a putz for balance?
posted by y2karl at 7:38 PM on May 1, 2002

Putz wouldn't balance it, that's just more of the same. A suitably folkoric-sounding equivalent for "vagina" is very absent in yiddish.
Lots of people achieve globalgasm without touching a schmuck.
posted by disso at 6:25 AM on May 2, 2002

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