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The Rec Center is a weekly email newsletter about fandom that comes out every Friday, with links and discussion of fandom news, fanart, and fanfiction recs.

A couple places to start checking out past newsletters:

A show primer for Black Sails, aka a fanishly enthusiastic overview of why you should WATCH THE SHOW. (Scroll down a bit for where the primer starts.)

A discussion of Marvel’s statement that fans don’t buy “diverse” superhero comics, in the “Final Thought” section.

A Yuri!!! On Ice-themed newsletter.

And the most recent newsletter, with “found family” themed fic recs, some Harry Potter retrospective, a link to an article at Vulture on Why Doctor Doom Is the Best Supervillain of All Time, a link to a Reply All podcast on how LiveJournal ended up controlled by Russia, and more.
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I went through about 20 pages and found absolutely nothing Overwatch.


Love the meta analyses tho. Signed up anyway. Thanks!

I think I have limited but very strong interests
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Man, I keep hearing good things about Black Sails, but the first season is just a total drag.
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I can't be the only one who was wishing this was about a Parks and Rec spinoff, right?
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The Rec Center is produced by Elizabeth Minkel and Gavia Baker-Whitelaw. They've both got active presences online, for those looking for more of their work.

Those who especially like the meta elements of The Rec Center should check out the podcast Fansplaining, which Elizabeth produces with Flourish Klink. I've fallen behind, but some of my favorite episodes include their episode on baseball fandom, their two-part episode on race and fandom (1,2), and their episode on fan linguistics with Gretchen McCulloch (previously on metafilter). And, to come full circle, there is an episode of fansplaining about The Rec Center.
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Man, I keep hearing good things about Black Sails, but the first season is just a total drag.

My tumblr dash was also very successful in selling me on Black Sails, but I too have floundered on the shores of the first season, and I refuse to skip ahead past it straight to the second season. I'm gonna soldier on though! I WAS PROMISED QUEER PIRATES AND UNBURYING YOUR GAYS.
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First ye must navigate the stormy seas of the Getting Raped As Punishment For Something A Man Did Straits.
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