Spirits in the Medicinal World
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"Remote Presence" by Susan Palwick (Lightspeed, April 2017) is an SF/F novelette that draws heavily on the author's experience as a spiritual-care volunteer in an ER: "Every three years, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations conducted a weeklong on-site accreditation survey of each hospital in the country. The survey was thorough, merciless, and struck apocalyptic terror into hospital administrators ... Roxanne blew out a sharp breath. 'We can't have revenants in the building. That's one of the requirements.'" Spiritual Care Volunteers: A Training Resource [PDF] is a manual produced by NHS Wales that offers more practical insight into healthcare chaplaincy.
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That manual was worth a skim if only because TIL about Temple garments: Respect for the special undergarment. Often removed by them before hospitalisation. Can be removed in emergency.
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That is the most apt description of a Joint Commission survey I have ever seen.
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This is a great story. In fact, everything you have posted recently has been great, Wobbuffet. Keep up the great work.
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Wow, that and her other story on that website, "Cucumber Gravy," were impressive.
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As an employed ED social worker this is way too real.

Loved it.
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Sharing with EMT family members.
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Great story.
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